Job Security for Certified Nursing Assistants

In case you were worried about the job security that comes with a job as a certified nursing assistant, let us reassure you.  The world is full of people willing to take exceedingly stupid chances with their health and physical safety.  There’s absolutely no shortage of people who will need serious medical attention after doing all manner of moronic activities.  We sometimes like to share these potential Darwin Award winners as proof that there will always be plenty of work for certified nursing assistants.  From people trying to jump their motorcycle from rooftop to rooftop, to people trying to wrestle alligators, the world is full of folks with poor judgement and the injuries that almost always follow. Case in point:  The woman in the video below drops her hat accidentally into the tiger’s cage at her local zoo.  Typically, the large cats are kept well-fed and mostly docile.  But in this video, it is clear that the zookeeper had yet to feed the Bengal tiger and this woman almost became the tiger’s lunch, all over an easily replaceable ball cap.  You can hear the voices of astonished spectators who had some choice words for this foolhardy woman.  She should take consolation in knowing the words cannot hurt her.  Although a giant cat would’ve inflicted serious bodily harm upon her had she been caught before she could bound over the fence. The moral of the story is, if you’re seeking a career opportunity in a field where it is unlikely for economic shifts to negatively impact your employment, you should definitely consider taking the courses so many certified nursing assistants have already taken to embark on a new, stable and secure career.  Folks like the woman in this video basically guarantee there’ll always be work available. tigers make work for certified nursing assistants

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