The Labor of CNAs, Medical Office Assistants and Billing and Coding Pros

This weekend we celebrated Labor Day, honoring the contributions of working men and women nationwide.  Labor is the lifeblood of the US economy and the engine for economic growth that has been the envy of the world.  For those of you entering the career world with a new CNA certificate, or medical office assistant training certificate or as a newly minted billing and coding specialist, you will immediately be earning and contributing to the economy.  The work you will do will provide you with earnings you’ll use to spend into the economy thereby driving increasing demand.  As we took time out this weekend to remember those who worked on some of our largest societal achievements – bridges, dams, highways, railways, energy grids and more – let’s also reflect on the good works done in the field of medicine.  Not only do medical office workers add to the economic might of the country, but they also contribute to the health and wellness of all Americans which is also a very lofty calling.   So here’s to all of us workers who keep this country moving forward.  Happy Labor Day.

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