Make a Difference As a Nursing Assistant

Here are some of the skills you will be learning while training to be a Nursing Assistant:

  • Importance of communication
  • Infection control, universal precaution and hand washing
  • Total hygiene necessary for the health and comfort of the patient
  • Stages of sexual growth and development
  • Diets and feeding techniques
  • Elimination techniques
  • Using good body mechanics for lifting, moving and transporting patients
  • Assisting with admissions, discharge, transfers and physical exams
  • Relationship between vital signs and body systems
  • Psychological changes in the aging patient

Take Nursing Assisting to the Next Level

The Allen School of Health Sciences offers the option for Nursing Assistants to continue their education to Patient Care Technicians. A Patient Care Technician is a Nursing Assistant with EKG and Phlebotomy skills.

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