Make a Difference As a Nursing Assistant

Here are some of the skills you will be learning while training to be a Nursing Assistant:

  • Importance of communication
  • Infection control, universal precaution and hand washing
  • Total hygiene necessary for the health and comfort of the patient
  • Stages of sexual growth and development
  • Diets and feeding techniques
  • Elimination techniques
  • Using good body mechanics for lifting, moving and transporting patients
  • Assisting with admissions, discharge, transfers and physical exams
  • Relationship between vital signs and body systems
  • Psychological changes in the aging patient

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Take Nursing Assisting to the Next Level

The Allen School of Health Sciences offers the option for Nursing Assistants to continue their education to Patient Care Technicians. A Patient Care Technician is a Nursing Assistant with EKG and Phlebotomy skills.

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