On-Campus and Online Healthcare Training Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about our campus, placement services, financial aid, and application requirements.

  • What makes the Allen School of Health Sciences different?

    Simply put, the Allen School of Health Sciences changes lives for the better. For over 54 years, thousands of graduates have trusted the Allen School of Health Sciences to prepare them for a successful future. Furthermore, Allen School of Health Sciences offers a convenient accelerated program that lets students complete their studies in a shorter time so they can start their careers sooner.

  • Is the Allen School of Health Sciences accredited?

    Yes, the Allen School of Health Sciences is nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and licensed by the New York State Department of Education, as well as the Arizona State Board for Private Post Secondary Education.

  • What are the Allen School of Health Science's admission requirements?

    While all applicants are evaluated on individual merits, we typically look for highly motivated, career-oriented students. The selection process does include a student interview. While a high school diploma or GED is required for some programs please contact us to explore your options.

  • Does the Allen School provide career services assistance?

    Allen School of Health Sciences provides nationwide career services assistance. Our dedicated Office of Career Services is there to assist you from day one and on to your new career. More specifically, the team provides resume writing assistance, mock interviews and will connect you with employment opportunities in your area.

  • I need to work while I attend the Allen School of Health Sciences. Can you help me find a job?

    The Office of Career Services understands many students need to earn an income while working through their program. The team will assist in finding part-time opportunities currently available in your area.

  • Do you accept vouchers?

    Yes, the Allen School of Health Sciences accepts most vouchers. For more specific details, call 1-888-620-6745.

  • Is Financial Aid available?

    Yes, financial aid is available for students who qualify. Allen School of Health Sciences participates in both the Federal Pell Grant program and the Direct Loan program, as well as offering Military Benefits. Call our Office of Financial Planning at 1-888-620-6745 to discuss your needs.

  • How can I apply to the Allen School of Health Sciences?

    It’s easy: complete the brief online request form, chat with one of our friendly representatives or call us directly at 1-888-620-6745.

Online Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Questions specific to our Online Environment to help you decide what classroom setting will work best for YOU!