Rewarder: A New Site for Selling What You Know (About CNA Training)

An innovative, new web start-up called has recently been launched.  According to,

“Rewarder co-founder Kendall Fargo had the idea to help people who, despite their best efforts, couldn’t find answers to their off-the-beaten-path problems online. ‘Everyone has personal needs and wants,’ says Fargo. ‘We all know someone is out there to help but don’t know where to find them ourselves.'” While you could use eBay and Craigslist to find collectibles, for genealogy, and countless fitness sites for health advice, Rewarder is a one-stop-shop for advice and information from experts on all that and more.”

The site has attracted more than 100,000 experts in a wide area of subject matter, who answer your questions in exchange for a small fee (which many of them take in the form of gift cards.)  This may be an interesting opportunity for Allen School alumni who have earned their credentials as Certified Nursing Assistants and who have been in CNA positions in doctor’s offices and hospitals.  Share what you learned about the process of studying certified nursing assistant courses, and translating your certification into a rewarding career.  There are surely many people contemplating this path who would be happy to compensate you for your knowledge and perspectives on what it takes to become a successful CNA.  You could earn a couple extra bucks for sharing what you’ve learned!

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  1. This seems like an interesting concept. It is like Yahoo Answers except with more qualified respondents and rewards. Just make sure you enter a lot of information so that your answer is selected as the best. Only the best answer gets paid.

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