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The Allen School of Health Sciences Offers Online Learning:
Medical Billing & Medical Coding Program

Bringing the Classroom to You

Not all online classes are equal.

The Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program at the Allen School of Health Sciences is conducted by live instructors who will interact with you as you learn the necessary skills for you new career.

It’s a different kind of online education. We use a unique synchronous, interactive classroom, with experienced instructors training you in real-time. You benefit by socializing and connecting with your fellow classmates, and viewing live demonstrations of the healthcare information software and material you are learning.

Our unique online program includes the ability to:

  • Hear the classes and lectures live. You are listening to and interacting with the instructor.
  • See the work being demonstrated live on your computer screen
  • No more waiting for a response to a question. In our virtual classroom you can raise your hand and speak with the instructor and your classmates. Ask your questions in real-time and get immediate answers!
  • Participate and use the software hands-on with the support of your faculty.

It’s a busy fast paced world, our program gives you the support you need so you can learn in real-time, work in real-time and succeed in your time!

Hear it – See it – Do it – LEARN IT.

Call 1 (888) 620-6745 today for a live demonstration and we will show you how we truly bring the classroom to you!