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  • Robert Teich is the President of the Allen School

    Jason Teich: President

    The Allen School was founded by Loretta Teich, Jason Teich's grandmother. Jason assumed the presidency in 2013, marking the third generation of the Teich family's involvement in higher education.

  • Jena Bandini is the Director of Student Services for the Allen School

    Jena Bandini: Student Services

    Jena works with doctors and hospitals every day to help place Allen School graduates in the best jobs.

  • Ruth Martinez is the Director of Financial Aid for the Allen School

    Ruth Martinez: Director of Financial Aid

    Helping students achieve their dreams.

  • Dr. Rita Daniel is an Online Instructor for the Allen School

    Dr. Rita Daniel: Online Instructor

    Dr. "D" has over 10 years experience as an owner and healthcare provider for her personal Chiropractic practice. She is an experienced instructor in the healthcare field.

  • Thomas M. Redenbaugh is an Online Instructor for the Allen School

    Thomas M. Redenbaugh, D.C.: Online Instructor

    Dr. Redenbaugh is an Air Force and Navy veteran living in Texas. He comes from the Parker College of Chiropractic were he served as Department Chair of Philosophy and Techniques.

  • Sandra Masten is an Online Instructor for the Allen School

    Sandra Masten: Online Instructor

    Mrs. Masten is a Licensed Practical Nurse in Florida. She taught Medical Terminology at the University of Central Florida and was a member of the Medical Assisting Program and Healthcare Administration Program at Florida Metropolitan University.