What CNAs, Billing and Coding Pros and Medical Office Assistants Have in Common

The one thing that employed certified nursing assistants, medical billing and coding pros and medical office assistants have in common is an effective résumé.  Even with the strength of the hiring market for medical industry professionals, there is still a very competitive environment for those seeking work.  Getting the interview is not easy in any field.  Getting noticed by the hiring managers requires having a solid and well conceived résumé or CV (curriculum vitae). The Business Insider just published one of the best, most comprehensive articles on what it takes to build an effective résumé for a competitive job market.  I highly recommend you read it.  Especially if you’ve recently (or are about to) received your CNA certification, your medical billing and coding certificate or if you’ve completed the medical office assistant training program at Allen School.  The piece explains (among many other important things) the importance of tailoring each résumé for every job opportunity; how to decide whether or not to include an objective statement; how and why to insert keywords; and about a dozen other critical pieces of information.  Simply put, great résumés land great jobs!  

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