15 Habits for Medical Assistant Training Students to Avoid

bad habits for nursing assistant training students to avoid
If you’re a younger person in your 20s or 30s working on gaining a certification through nursing assistant training, you may engaging in some youthful behaviors that, while useful now, will become burdensome as you grow older.  When we’re young and in our education and career building years, we tend to feel a bit invincible.  But, as any veteran nursing assistant can tell you, how you treat yourself now can come back to haunt you as the years accrue.  Here are five of the fifteen bad habits that you’ll regret as you age (taken from the full list published in a slideshow at Roasted.com).
  1. Pulling All-Nighters – Yes, working all day, then staying up all night to study is something we do with relative ease as a younger person.  But relying on this sleep-deprived method of “getting it all done” is not a sustainable practice.
  2. Relying on Coffee or Energy Drinks – Again, burning the candle at both ends to juggle work, family and studies is a habit that takes its toll on your nervous system, blood pressure and other functions as those drinks are high in sugar, caffeine and other substances that are less than healthy.
  3. Eating Junk Food – Being busy with nursing assistant training may seem like a plausible excuse for grabbing food on the go.  But years of eating highly processed fast foods and other convenient foods will catch up with you later in life.
  4. Racking Up Debt – Studying for a certified nurse assistant degree can cut into time you may have spent working at a dead end gig.  This is after all, one of the reasons you decided to embark on a new and gainful career.  But be careful to avoid plugging financial shortfalls with credit card debt.  Or you may find yourself working for years to pay down high interest debt.
  5. Drinking Alcohol – Study hard, play hard, no?  Actually, no!  While it is okay to periodically enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine, leaning regularly on alcohol as a means to decompress from busy days studying and/or working can take a great toll on your body and even blossom into a physical dependence.  Avoid using the booze as an outlet.
We highly recommend viewing the rest of the slideshow here, for more behaviors you should avoid as you pursue your new career.  Because today’s certified nurse assistant student is tomorrow’s veteran healthcare professional and you have a lifetime’s worth of service to provide the patients you’ll serve.  Keep yourself health, wealthy and wise!

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