Geraldine Freel MIBC Student

Geraldine Freel

Medical Assistant

Graduate - June 2016

Resides in Jamaica, NY

Walking Into Allen School to sign up for the medical assistant program after not being in a class­room in over 25 years. I had all sorts of feelings. I was excited because I was following my dreams. Scared, anxious. and complete horror for the fear of failing. When I walked through Denises’ door at Allen she welcomed me like she was part of my family. she encouraged me like one of my sisters. Denise was Just the first of many administrators and faculty at Allen that help me along my way to following my dream. When I was asked why I wanted to get into this program. my response was,” it’s been a life-long dream and I wanted to follow in my grandmothers footsteps to help heal people.” My sisters and mom encouraged me to follow my hearts desire and they’ve been my cheering section, with my daughter leading the pack. They were always there for me (near and far), supporting me with words of encouragement when I wanted to give up. Many times throughout my time at Allen I wanted to give up and walk away from the program because of many personal issues; losing my job. my car breaking down and family dilemmas. The staff at Allen become more like on extended family the more I got to know them. They try their hardest to help you succeed. Angel Gardener is my guardian angel at Allen. she wouldn’t let me give up. Mrs. Luke who always had good, sound advice when I needed it. To all my teachers. I can never thank you enough for sharing the knowledge that you have with me and putting up with my laughter. jokes and smiles. The experience I had at Allen might be way different then anyone one else. but I can say this, If someone at my age and all the curve balls that were thrown at me can complete the Medical Assistant program than Just about anyone can. I give thanks to all that didn’t let me quit and saw the potential In me. As Ghandi said “You must be the change you want to see in this world” Carpe diem GERALDINE GOT HIRED AT HER INTERNSHIP SITE!