Rosey Salinas Castro

My time here at the Allen School has gone by so fast! I knew I made the right choice for myself and for my career as soon I walked inside those doors.  I have received nothing but love and support from my teachers and staff. Every day I work hard in my studies and what I’m passion about. I work my hardest to earn good grades and work hard for what I want to achieve. It has made me feel confident in myself and strong. Thanks to all of my teachers for all the support and for always making it feel like home and for everyone there! I enjoyed every day coming here and learn something new throughout these months that I’ve been attending here. I feel prepared for the real world to care and help for others in need. I’m blessed for everything that Allen School of Health Sciences has done for me. Allen School is a great choice and opportunity to pursue your education to start your career. This is my second home and it will for others as well. Thank you for all the beautiful memories and experience I shared with everyone here. I’m blessed for everything!

Sandra Hebert

Allen School gave me the opportunity to start a new career. I have started my new career in a new state. Without the encouragement from the instructors at Allen School I don’t know if I would have been able to do this. I enjoyed the classroom experience and the friendships with the instructors and fellow classmates. I will always remember my time with these friends. I would tell those just starting out with Allen School to enjoy your time with the people you meet. I did not know how close I would come to people I never met in person. The instructors really do care about you and they are very willing to help you in anyway they can. I am very excited to have graduated and have already started my new career as an abstractor with Optum in Tennessee. The things I learned at Allen School helped me to be able to step out into the unknown and start a new career not just another job. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

Esther Lewter

My heart is full as I send this e-mail to you with so much emotion. I started a journey in May of 2014 that I had no idea would be this long or this exciting. I can honestly say that thanks to you and all the wonderful instructors I have had along the way that the race was worth it. I am about to cross the finish line and as I write this I can see the green and white checkered flag waving me home on the last lap. But I am not the only winner each one of my class-mates who crosses it with me is also a winner. I have a job thanks to the Allen School that I love and although it is not in the medical field the tools and training that I was given. gave me the skills I needed to be successful at this job, that is not to say that later in life I won’t do medical billing and coding because I will always have the knowledge if I choose to do so, no one knows what the future holds. but for now I am the happiest and healthiest that I have been since 2005. I also want to make sure that Professor Anton knows how grateful I am to her because when I was doubting myself and think­ing there was no way I could do both my new job and finish my schooling Professor Anton was there to talk me down off the ledge of self doubt that I was on, assure me I could do both with out compromising my principals, and still maintaining the workmanship and grades I expected of my-self. and I am happy to say she was right. My Quote is: Run the race believing you will over come the obstacles in your way to win the race. Today again we are all Winners!!! And each person who comes after us and crosses this same finish line will also be a Winner!!! I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in the winner circle.

Arizona Medical Billing and Coding Training

Going to Allen School has given me confidence in myself and my ability to learn and do a great job in the Medical Field. The classroom environment was good. Sometimes it was hard to get into the room, but I have built strong and good relationships with the other students. All the Instructors were excellent at their job and very pa­tient. If I could give advice to incoming students, I would tell them to study hard, make a schedule on when to study and do homework. Also, I would tell them to start on Sunday to get a good start on the homework. I am very happy to graduate, it is exciting and sad at the same time. I am looking forward to starting a new career. Thank you all of 􀀏Allen School for the all the great instructors and staff.

Lori Holmes

Going to school while taking care of my home, 3 children, and spending time with my husband is sometimes complicated, but well worth the effort. I want my family to have a wonderful future and for my children to see that hard work pays off, so making school a top priority is very important. I sometimes spend late nights doing homework after everyone is asleep and early mornings reading my chapters before anyone wakes. Having a special needs child who has numerous doctor’s appointments makes having perfect attendance difficult, however, I take advantage of the General Make Up classes offered. I also have downloaded the Black Board opp on my phone so I can take class with me, if possible. Thank you so much for asking me to help encourage other students. I know there are days that I feel swamped, but I know I have to keep on going. Hopefully, this will help others!

Anahi Hernandez

I have a saying that I strongly believe in that things happen for a reason. For a very fortunate reason I heard about the Allen School of Health Sciences and attending. As I say I am one step closer to another amazing accomplishment. Before attending the Allen School honestly I was just wasting my life I would work at night. I kept an unhealthy routine going waking up so late and just head to work at night. I asked my friend about the program she was in. I immediately knew that I wanted to attend this school. I am so grateful to Alicia if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t had wanted to attend, she made it so simple for me. I can truly say that attending the Allen school has been a blessing. My family sees how much I have accomplished and they are so proud of me and that is all I ever wanted I want to make my family proud. Most importantly I want to make myself proud, I will be the first in my family to graduate from college and have a career. I couldn’t have made it this far without the help and dedication of all my instructors. All of them here in the Allen school are so supportive and giving I honestly appreciate every single person here. From the minute I step in the building I am welcomed and I can truly say I have a second family here. I’ve met so many amazing people here that I just can’t ask for anything else. Thank you, for letting me be apart of this amazing school.

Juan Saenz

Life is what you make out of it. Before attending Allen School of Health Sciences, I was currently attending Phoenix College. I was a full-time student and had a full-time job. You can say I had no social life because I did nothing else but study and go to work Monday through Friday. I lost a lot of friends I guess it’s true what they say you lose some and you win some after you graduate high school you won’t ever keep in touch with the people that you associated with. Real friends would honestly understand that you have priorities to take care of before anything. I accomplished community college for a year and passed with good grades. Like any other college you must first take prerequisites before you actually take the fun courses that you want to major in.  A year later I saw a lot of my friends graduating from college and thought to myself what am I doing with my life why haven’t I graduated yet and then it hit me. I had to do something and change my life around and get more involved. My good friend Royer Marroquin had just graduated from this marvelous school, so then I asked him and thanks to him I am currently attending this extraordinary school full of nothing but positive people bring out the best in you. Before choosing to attend this school I had several factors I had to take in mind. For example, my current work schedule and how was I going to pay for school because I was afraid of school loans. I then came to the conclusion that I had to make a smart investment in myself to accomplish greater things in the future. I would have never made the decision to attend Allen School if it wasn’t for Alicia Campbell who has guided me step by step and still to this day has been more then an advisor and has treated me like if I were her own son. So here I am today currently in module one trying to give my parents everything they deserve. I am currently determined to give my parents a college certification since they came to the United States with nothing and have given us everything we have today. Not to mention I am the first in my family attending college, so me graduating college would make my parents proud. There is no better feeling in the world then seeing your parents smiling and knowing you’re the reason behind that smile.

Zanita Holliman

I am grateful that I had a chance to go to Allen School. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do because I had just stopped working and my kids have disabilities, but I knew I had to do something. One day, I went to Allen School to see what they had to offer and what I had seen was something beautiful and I thank Lyndsy for helping me to get started successfully. I was scared and nervous but the staff treated me like family and helped guide me from start to finish. As time went on Allen School gave me strength and guided me – my life had made changes. Martha also helped me as modules changed to guide me to stay focused and what to expect for my internship – and thanks to her hard work I got hired at my internship site and I will never forget Martha & the support Allen gives to their students. I really am grateful that Allen School has staff that’s willing to go over backwards for you to go forward…

Testimonial: Success Bonds

I have always wanted to work in the medical field. Unfortunately, I did not know how to get my foot in the door. Allen School was that first step I needed to begin my journey. I have completed the MIBC program online and MA program here on campus, through the bridge program. My entire experience with Allen, from the very beginning to the end, has been magnificent. All of the instructors and staff went above and beyond to keep us grounded. The curriculum pushed me and pulled me in further into the medical field. Due to this, I am working in the field confidently. “My career started here!” Thank you!!!

Fanchon Altman

I just wanted to take this time to say “Thank you” for putting up with me during all this time while  I was looking for a job. I know I can be a pain but when I set my mind up about something, I usually try my best to make it happen. I just received an email that I was medically cleared and that my background check was good. I pick up my badge, fill out my direct deposit form and find out if I have an assignment tomorrow to start next week. I am so excited and so happy. This all feels like a dream right now. Since I started the MA program with Allen School, I always wanted to work for Northwell and now it’s happening. So thank you again for all your help.