Robin Kessinger MIBC Student

Robin Kessinger

Medical Assistant

Graduate - November 2015

Resides in Tennessee

Robin was selected as one of our first module l ambassadors and had wonderful words of encouragement for our students: “Show those who have doubted you that you can do this, do not quit, and keep going!” Those words definitely resonate with the great news of her new job! Hi Ms. Lane!!!! The day after I spoke with you I decided to do what I preached! Let God handle it!! So I let go and let God! Monday I received a call from ADVENTMED wondering if I would be interested in taking their pre-employment test for a position with them! I thought well why not give it a whirl! I was as calm as could be because I knew it was up to God at this point! I about fell off my chair when I passed! The next morning the company called me again and said I did great and then what they asked brought me to my knees. While I was in class, the first coding instructor was explaining all the possible jobs coders could have and explained a few she had. When she mentioned HEDIS and explained what it was, I wrote it down and thought that is what I really would like to do!” Well, guess what I am going to be doing starting Feb 22 (if all my other paper work is ok!) HEDIS and making more an hour than I did as a nurse!!!!! I signed a lot of papers so I guess that means hopefully I got the job! They said they will supply me with a laptop, I would need to work 40 hours a week and would get paid an hourly rate or a per unit rate, whichever is more. The project will be until June but if I do well I could have a full time job with benefits!!!! They will pay to train me! I am sooooooo happy and scared at the same time! I will definitely let you know if it is a for sure deal!! Thanks for all you do!!!