Yesenia Hildalgo Medical Assistant Student

Yesenia Hidalgo

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - April 2016

Resides in New York, NY

The Allen school impacted me personally and professionally. It made me realize that is never late to do what is in my mind and give me more confidence in myself. The classroom environment was great – it was like being in a classroom in person. I created a very good relationship with classmates, a group of them started the same day as me and we were in the class until the last day. One classmate even visited me from Ohio and it was very nice to see him in person. New students can expect a lot. They are going to learn so much about new stuff that they didn’t have any idea on like the hospital rules and regulations. Career development is so great because you learn how to believe in yourself at the time of an interview and how to be confident. Students just need to follow the teachers and listen. If they don’t understand something they can go back to the recording, that right there is amazing that you can go back and review the material. I wish I knew that the recording were so important early on. I’m very exited to be graduate and start a new career in a field that I love. I really appreciate Allen School for giving me a comfortable environment since day one.