Yudelka Espinoza Medical Assistant Student

Yudelka Espinoza

Medical Assistant

Graduate - March 2016

Resides in Brooklyn NY

“I love my internship experience. I get to do everything that I learned at the Allen School. I love the support I get from Dr. Sadacka (internship supervisor). The entire experience has been amazing. I have become a better person in life. I am not even getting paid for my internship, and I love to wake up in the morning to go to my site in my scrubs. I am having fun doing it all at the same time – receptionist, medical assisting, inventory, computers, EHR, and assist the doctor with patients. I am a new person because of the Allen School staff. I really appreciate everybody. The staff is so nice, and the support is outstanding. I really recommend the Allen School if you are ready for a new future. The quote that started all of this was, “I wish, I want, I will start my future today.” Yudelka got hired at her internship site before she even graduated! Sadacka Medical Office Medical Assistant