August is Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness Blog
August is Immunization Awareness month. Today we take a look at the top ten facts about vaccines from the World Health Organization (WHO). As a future healthcare provider it is important that you are aware of these facts so you are able to help your patients understand the importance of immunizing themselves and their children
  1. Immunization currently prevents between 2-3 million deaths each year
  2. More children are being immunized worldwide than ever before
  3. An estimate 19.5 million children under the age of one year did not receive DTP3 vaccine
  4. Important progress has been made in vaccine research and development
  5. Meningitis A epidemics nearly eliminated in Africa through immunization
  6. Global measles mortality has declined by 84%
  7. Regions of the Americas declared free of measles
  8. The world is closer than ever to eradication polio
  9. Maternal and neonatal tetanus eliminated in the WHO Regions of the Americas and South-Eat Asia
  10. Vaccines serve as a frontline defense against antimicrobial resistance
To read the entire article on vaccine facts as presented by the World Healthcare Organization please click here. If you are ready to start working toward an exciting new career in healthcare please visit our website at Fall classes are enrolling now and filling fast.

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