5 Reasons Why Horror Movies Are Healthy

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October is here and with it comes Halloween and television marathons of horror movies and slasher films that can make the season a little frightening and a little fun. While some of us like these films and some of us really don’t as healthcare students it’s our job to find the healthy benefits in any activity. So without further ado…. A few healthy reasons to watch that scary film this month.

  1. You Can Skip the Gym

Because watching a 90 minute horror flick may burn as many as 113 calories without leaving you seat. That’s about the same as eating a chocolate bar.

  1. You May Feel Less Anxious

Well in the real world anyway. See you get so anxious watching the scary movie that your body will produce things like adrenaline, glucose, and cortisol that may actually help you feel more calm and in control when you get back to the real world.

  1. Brain Activity will Increase

Your brain will release neurotransmitters during the film which will increase your brain activity. This may leave you feeling sharper and more aware after the film is over.

  1. Immune System…. Activate!!

That adrenaline rush we mentioned earlier? It will also mobilize your body’s immune system. So if you feel some sniffles coming on, just watch a scary movie

  1. You May Stress Less

The movie itself may raise your stress levels, however afterwards you may feel like your life isn’t as stressful. Unless of course you have a maniac wielding an axe chasing you or something like that…. But that’s a whole other issue. 

So watching a scary film may actually help you feel better overall, no promises though that you won’t have nightmares. One thing though that is scarier than any horror film? The Allen School is enrolling it’s final class of 2018!! If you don’t act soon and secure your seat you won’t be able to start working on your new career today. So use that adrenaline rush and visit our website today to get started www.allenschool.edu.

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