Summer Travel: Safety First

Summer is upon us and traveling increases within these warm months. When traveling internationally the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a great source to consider for all things health, so you and your loved ones are Proactive, Prepared and Protected. Allen School of Health Sciences would like to share the following information with you from the CDC: Be Proactive – Take initiative and consider issues that may arise while away
  • Research your destination
  • Visit your doctor
  • Current health status – would status worsen due to travel?
Be Prepared – Sometimes things happen unexpectedly
  • Pack smart
  • Plan for possible illness during your trip
Be Protected – While on your trip
  • Follow local laws and be respectful
  • Avoid health and safety risks
  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Be mindful about water and food
  • Wear sunscreen
While on your trip and when you return home make sure to pay extra attention to your health. To learn more about being Proactive, Prepared and Protected visit the CDC site. Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant students do you have any tips you would like to share? Please, share and comment below.

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