8 Important Characteristics Of Adult Learners

8 Important Characteristics Of Adult Learners
More and more adults are deciding to head back to the classroom, to learn new skills to advance their current careers or to begin new ones. With this increase in older students comes the question: How can adult learners make the most of their unique experiences? Here are eight characteristics of adult learners that make going back to school successful:

1) Self Starters

Adult students tend to be better self-starters than their younger counterparts. Years or decades of independent living and decision making means that older students can complete tasks without as much guidance as students coming straight from regimented high school and their parent’s homes.

2) Highly Motivated

Younger students may simply have the goal of “finding oneself” or “getting a degree,” while many adult students go back to school with a specific goal in mind. With a concrete goal to reach, they are better equipped to complete their goal, whatever challenges may arise.

3) Practicality

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom a more practical mindset. Adult learners know their limitations more than younger students and learn to work around them to complete their education. The Allen School is here to help students manage that delicate balance between classroom and life.

4) High Expectations

Going back to school is no easy feat. Taking on the extra financial, mental and physical toll of continuing education means that older students may have more at stake, and thus expect more from their education. The Allen School knows this, and its nationally accredited programs and rigorous coursework lives up to the higher expectation of its students.

5) Goal Oriented

Adult learners know there is no time to waste with vague notions of what they want from their education. They have a concrete goal: whether to achieve a higher degree for a promotion or to go down an entirely new career path and attain the training needed. Adult learners know that goals define are goals achieved.

6) Personal Experience

Adult learners come back to the classroom with years of life experience that they bring into each lesson. With varied perspectives and concrete experience, having adult learners in the classroom helps to enrich everyone’s educational experience.

7) Priorities

Many adult learners are juggling school with families, full-time jobs, and financial obligations. With so many plates spinning, they can pinpoint what is important and cut out the rest. The Allen School offers financial aid and financial counseling to students who may need help in making education their top priority.

8) Community Needs

Above all, adult learners are better equipped to see the “big picture.” Many are drawn to careers which help the greater good and are willing to help their fellow students achieve goals which benefit the entire community. It’s never too late to kickstart your education and begin a career that is perfect for you. Contact The Allen School today to set up a free consultation and find out how you can get back to learning.

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