Most Common Challenges Facing Adults Going Back to School

Choosing to return to school can be a life-changing decision, whether it’s been one year since you graduated or a decade since you sat in a classroom.

  • There are significant challenges posed to adults who decide to pursue education. The good news is these challenges are being recognized by many educational institutions, and non-traditional educational opportunities are becoming widely available. School and institutions are realizing the increasing importance of making learning accessible to everyone and are, consequently, offering more flexible options for students. Many institutions offer evening and weekend classes, as well as online or distance education options.
  • Grants, loans and Scholarships can assist with the costs of tuition and books. As more adults return to school, more services and resources become available to assist with this challenging but worthwhile endeavor.
  • Ultimately, adult learners face a very unique set of challenges when deciding to enter or re-enter the educational sphere. Three of the biggest challenges facing adult learners are balancing school and life, accessibility and costs:

School and Life Responsibilities – The Balancing Act
As any post-secondary student can attest, school is a huge time commitment. There is time spent in class, time spent preparing for class and then the time needed for assignments, labs and other homework. Above and beyond school commitments, adults who are returning to school face additional demands on their time. Many adult learners are pursuing their education while still working full time. Many also have families and family obligations. This means less time available for school-related activities. These additional responsibilities can lead to stress and frustration for adult learners.

A second challenge facing adult students is accessibility to classes. Sometimes getting to class is the biggest challenge! As previously mentioned, many adult learners have extensive time commitments. Whether it’s a full-time job or a growing family, other responsibilities make it difficult to attend classes during regular school hours. This can lead to difficulty succeeding at school, or even reluctance to return to school at all.

The cost of education can be challenging for anyone. Tuition costs, books, supplies — it all adds up. Throw daycare costs or rent, mortgage payments into the mix and the cost of pursuing an education as an adult learner can become prohibitive. Yet there are many resources available to assist in making their educational and career goals come true. Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now for our spring classes and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit to learn more.   -Allen School

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