Institution for HOPE – Sickle Cell Disease

Every month the Allen School of Health Sciences offers our students the opportunity to take their learning beyond the classroom and into the real world through our Institution for HOPE program. This unique program allows students to learn about, research, and support important causes that their patients may face when they begin their new careers. In the month of September we support Sickle Cell Awareness. Today we look at 5 facts about Sickle Cell Anemia you may not know.
  1. Sickle Cell Disease is the most common genetic disorder in the United States with almost 100,000 Americans living with the disease.
  1. People are born with the disease, it does not develop in adulthood, and it’s not contagious.
  1. Sickle Cell Disease is chronic, but treatable. Currently there is no known cure.
  1. Sickle Cell Disease affects people of many different races
  1. Patients with Sickle Cell Disease require comprehensive care that address many different aspects of the patient’s lifestyle
  To read more of this great article from the New York Times please click here. To learn more about our Institution for HOPE program, please visit our website at where you can learn about all the great causes we support throughout the year.

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