Good News for Nursing Assistants, Medical Assistants and Medical Billing Specialists

In today’s troubled world, we all too frequently consume heaping doses of bad news.  From wars around the globe, to school shootings to outbreaks of deadly diseases, the daily papers and TV news reports are filled with tales of woe and suffering.  As people working as medical nursing assistants or performing medical assistant duties in emergency rooms and doctors’ offices, the career you’re training for at the Allen School is frequently on the front lines of these terrible events as you help tend to the ill and injured.  So it is important from a temperamental standpoint that you also seek out sources of life affirming, positive news from around the world.  Things that help you to remember the good that exists in humanity.   This is why I recommend visiting what appears to be a fairly new addition to the many sections over at the HuffingtonPost.  The section is not entitled, “News”.  Rather, it bears the positive title, “Good News” and hosts nothing but happy stories to bring a smile to your face and a warm glow to your heart.  Check it out here and then you’ll always know where to drop by if you need a quick emotional pick me up.

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