Your Kids’ School’s Out but Nursing Assistant Schools Aren’t – Keep ‘Em Busy

GeocacheUnlike the regular scholastic calendar that your children’s schools follow, nursing assistant schools like Allen School have classes operating all year long.  Even over the summer months.  That means, if you have kids, the youngsters are soon to be home all day, every day.  With you being a busy parent – working, caring for the household and studying to become a certified nurse assistant – its entirely possible that your kids will elect to fill their free time glued to the screens of their favorite electronic device.  Spending all summer immersed in electronics is bad for their young minds and bodies.  Especially when there is so much they can be doing, electron-free.  Spending time engaged in “dirt world” pursuits like outdoor play, arts and crafts, reading, summer camp, geocaching and other healthy pursuits is to be encouraged. However, reality dictates that they will inevitably spend a good amount of time in front of a screen nevertheless. So what can you do, seeing as how you must balance your commitment to nursing assistant schools, work, and other obligations?  The answer lies somewhere between an all-electronics summer and a zero electronics summer.  Yahoo! Tech columnist Dan Tynan offers a great set of suggestions for ways to allow kids their “screen time” while at the same time, ensuring they’re not turning their young minds to oatmeal over the next three months.  He suggests innovative ways to incorporate electronic devices into a regimen that is still healthy for the kiddos’ minds including encouraging reading of ebooks, online summer camp programs and iPhone film making.  In fact, he offers seven great ideas in this mold in the piece which you can read here. Balancing work, life and study at the Allen School requires some creative thinking but it can indeed be done!  Are you ready for the summer?

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