Medical Assistant Training is a Reliable Path to Earnings

In the past couple of days, there have been some very interesting stories about how people got creative with strategies for earning money.  Consider this story of a college student who made a banner with a QR code leading to his Bitcoin wallet and held it up in front of the TV cameras covering a college sports event.  Within hours, people had electronically deposited more than $22,000 in Bitcoins (a new online currency) into his account.  Or look at this wild tale of a good samaritan who wanted to spread some holiday cheer by launching a thousand one-dollar bills from the top balcony of a large shopping mall, making it “snow money” onto surprised shoppers below. Well, you can either come up with a brilliant scheme like the Bitcoin banner fellow or wait around for another holiday angel to make it literally rain money (incidentally, the holiday angel was arrested for his efforts).  Or, you can do something much more likely to yield financial benefits and study medical assistant training with us here at the Allen School.  Once you’ve earned your certified nurse assistant certificate, you’ll be able to earn a solid salary all year round and pretty much anywhere you’d like to work and live. Article updated December 12, 2023

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