Medical Assistant Training Wintertime Pro Tip

pro tip for nursing assistantsHere’s a little factoid of significant value to anyone who is either seeking certified medical assistant training or is already employed as a certified nurse assistant in the colder latitudes.  For those of you studying at the Allen School in NYC, this includes you.

Now it may be bizarrely 65 degrees as I write this two days before Thanksgiving, but all last week it was down into the twenties and teens with the wind chill factor.  And the meteorologist says we can expect the old Polar Vortex to emerge again frequently this winter, portending significant snowstorms and bitter cold.  So here’s the pro tip from a layman who has probably made this mistake many times.

Never try to warm frostbite with friction.  We’ve all done this.  Walking inside with cold hands from being stuck outside in the freezing cold, we’re inclined to rub them believing the friction will warm the skin and promote blood flow in the extremities.  However, this blogger just learned that this is exactly the wrong thing to do for frostbite. Read the following story from LifeHacker about the proper thing to do for frostbite.

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