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We Have a Dream…For YOU! In the month of January not only do we celebrate a brand new year full of bright new beginnings, we also celebrate one of the most influential civil rights leaders of all time. Martin Luther King Jr dedicated his life to the betterment of people everywhere. One of his most iconic speeches ever was entitled “I Have a Dream” in which he spoke to the dreams he had for every person to lead a truly rewarding and meaningful life. For over 55 years the Allen School has dedicated itself to the betterment of our students through education. While we would never dream of comparing ourselves to the iconic MLK we do have one thing in common, and that is that we also have a dream. We dream of success and fulfilment for every student that enters our programs. With that in mind we would like to share our dreams for you, our students. We dream that when you come through our doors you find a welcoming environment no matter what campus you attend, even if your campus exists in the digital world of your computer. From the front desk to Admissions, Financial Aid, Student and Career Services and beyond, we hope your first visit allows you to see where your educational journey can take you. We dream that when you enter the classroom on the first day of school our instructors show you what a difference you are going to make in the lives of each and every one of your patients. We hope that you learn something new every day and that by the end of your journey you take pride in how far you have come. We dream that in the spring you share your tremendous accomplishments with your friends and family and maybe even inspire one of them to embark on their own journey of learning and education so they too can better themselves just like you are. And finally we dream that you find a better and more rewarding life for yourself and your family, as you embark on your new career. We hope you reach all of the goals that you set for yourself in the very beginning when you had your first interview with our admissions staff. These are our dreams for you, our student. From the Allen School family to you we wish you the very best of luck in achieving your dreams as you walk the path to a better life through education.

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