Living a Long & Healthy Life

Most people want to live long whether it is to be around to have children, grandchildren, accomplish career goals or even to check things off your bucket list. However, we all know that living long may not equate to living a healthy or quality life. WebMD featured an article listing 4 ways in which you could not only live long, but be healthy while doing so. They found that there are 4 commonalities among communities that live long healthy lives:
  1. Daily Physical Activity – This doesn’t mean you have to be the ultimate athlete. Moderate physical activity is necessary on a daily bases. This isn’t anything new or something completely unheard of, but you have to make sure to incorporate it in your daily routine whether you walk instead of taking the train, ride a bike to work or practice yoga every day. Find something that you would enjoy that can be done consistently.
  2. Social Interactions – Generally, individuals that live long lives are a part of a community. What does that mean for you? No matter what age you are continue to interact and be involved with your friends, family and social groups (i.e. book club, faith or any hobby in a group setting). Not only is it good to enjoy someone’s company, but it is also great for stimulating your mind.
  3. Inner Sense of Fulfillment – Do what makes you happy! No one can tell you what truly brings you purpose and joy. You know what puts a smile on your face and what doesn’t. If you enjoy writing your own stories then do that. If you feel truly fulfilled in your career then keep doing what you love!
  4. Plant Based Diet – Focus more on eating plant based foods and less on processed food, dairy and meats. Most long lived communities center their diet on plant based and whole foods, cooking from scratch and some of these communities are even vegan. When cooking for you and your family make sure to incorporate at least one of these plant based foods in a whole unprocessed form: fruits, greens, beans, nuts, seeds, all grains and all vegetables. Also, make these items the center of your meal while putting meats and dairy secondary (side dishes).
These 4 essential tips for living well is a lifestyle. Try to incorporate them in your everyday life so you too can live a full, long and healthy life. Let us know if you already have this lifestyle or if you would consider slowly including these options. If you would like to read the full article, you can do so by clicking here WebMD

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  1. I have begun a plant based diet two months ago and cannot believe how much better I already feel! I no longer have chronic sinus pain, my eyes are clear (I used to have red veins running through them) and I have bursts of energy I thought were forever gone. Aging is something I am not afraid of, as long as I get to lead a healthy life. The older I get and the more devoted I am to treating my body like a temple. Because of that I feel years younger!

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