Millennials and Healthcare

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Millennials are sometimes critiqued for the things they do differently than generations that came before them. They have even taken it upon themselves to approach healthcare uniquely. Healthcare professionals, here are a few items to take into consideration with Millennial patients:
  1. Homework – The tech savvy millennials research their health concerns on the internet before seeing a healthcare professional.
  2. Quick Care – Millennials do not want to wait around for healthcare appointments. Sometimes it could take weeks before being seen by a general practitioner. Instead, they opt for urgent care or clinics due to the convenience of possibly being seen same day.
  3. Every Penny Counts – Millennials want to know estimates before committing to medical treatment. This young generation wants to try to prevent financial surprises as out-of-pocket costs continuously rise.
  4. Word of Mouth – They want to know what patients are saying. Online reviews are important to Millennials as they research healthcare facilities and healthcare providers.
  5. Health Technology – Millennials look at health holistically and incorporate technology for day-to-day health maintenance. For example, wearable sensor fitness bands with corresponding phone apps are commonly loved by Millennials.
Medical Assistants and Medical Insurance Billing and Coders take in to consideration this generation’s healthcare approach. It is time to get creative, embrace technology and make it a priority to make some changes to become preferred amongst Millennials. Click here to learn more about Millennials and healthcare.

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