Tips to be Successful From Our Current MIBC Ambassadors

MIBC Helpful Tips
Much to many people’s surprise the Allen School of Health Sciences is national. A lot of prospective and current students assume that we are located in only Brooklyn and Queens, New York; however, we do offer a Medical Billing and Coding program online. The online program caters to those students that are not able to physically come to school due to work demands, proximity, childcare issues, etc. Recently, a few of the Module 1 Ambassadors had a chance to discuss their experiences at the Allen School of Health Sciences, to tell a bit about their background, interests and ultimately share a few of their best practices for being successful in their classes. All of them live in different states, have different hobbies and diverse backgrounds, but they all share common threads that link them such as their passion for the program and academic excellence. We would like to share with you some of the advice and tips these MIBC Module 1 Ambassadors shared for current and prospective MIBC students: • Create a schedule/routine for studying and homework • Do not fall behind – Attendance and Participation is important • Form a study group with classmates • Speak up – If you have a question or concern then ask for clarification • Take it day-by-day, so you do not get overwhelmed Hopefully, these tips will be useful as you take the next step into starting the MIBC program. If healthcare is your passion and you would like to advance your career we encourage you to take a leap and find out more information about our MIBC Online program and the array of campus programs offered. To speak with an advisor contact us at 1-888-429-0046. We look forward to speaking with you!

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