“I Got Hired” Campaign

Will I land a job post-graduation? This is a familiar question among potential and current students. This concern has grown within the last few years. It has truly been challenging for students graduating from higher education programs nationally to find employment. Allen School of Health Science is well aware of this concern and we work diligently to partner with our students to help them find employment. A couple weeks ago we launched a new Campaign conveniently named, “I Got Hired.” This Campaign focuses on recent Allen School graduates that were either hired from their Medical Assisting Internship or hired to work at a different facility with the help of Career Services. Our ultimate goal is to celebrate successful Alumni that pave the way and represent the Allen School of Health Sciences with pride. We want to recognize them for the achievement of launching their career as a Healthcare Professional and share their successes with prospective and current students. In order, to celebrate their successes we request a short 30 second or less video highlighting the following:
  • Full Name
  • Site Hired – Internship or Employer Name
  • Experience on Internship
  • End the video saying, “I got hired!”
View one of our first winners, Success Bonds video! We have had the honor of having her as a student twice for both our Medical Billing and Coding program and Medical Assisting. Are you ready to start a competitive healthcare program and possibly get hired from internship? If so, then contact us today at 877-591-8753 or visit our website: www.allenschool.edu    

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