Cover Letter Refresh

When applying for a job do you dread seeing the words, “please attach cover letter?” You are not alone; cover letters do not win the ‘most liked’ award when it comes to job hunting. A well written cover letter could be standing between you and landing an interview. Keep the following tips in the forefront of your mind when writing cover letters:
  1. Do Not Overthink – This is sometimes more easily said than done.
  2. Tailor It – Make sure to tailor your cover letter to each specific job. Recruiters can tell if it is a generic cover letter. Instead make sure that you address relevant points that were listed in the job description.
  3. Do Not Over Share – Sometimes excitement takes over and with that comes oversharing. Do not list everything you have ever accomplished professionally. Keep it simple and to the point. A lot of information can be shared during the interview.
  4. Convey Confidence – Make sure to convey confidence through your writing that you can successfully do the job.
Medical Assistants and Nursing Assistant students consider these tips as you enter the job market. Also, speak with your campus specific Career Advisor to gain more insight about cover letter and resume writing. Allen School of Health Sciences wants you to be fully prepared and successful as you enter the healthcare job market and take advantage of the resources offered on campus.

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