Dorothy Dube MIBC Student

Dorothy Dube

Medical Assistant

Graduate - February 2016

Resides in Jamaica, NY

My name is Dorothy Dube. I graduated on the 6™ of February 2016 as a Medical Assistant. I am truly proud lo have been a student of the Allen School of Health Sciences. It was an awesome experience of perseverance and dedication. I learned so much about the human anatomy and different conditions that affect us as human beings. skills to determine conditions, to help with diagnosis and treatments along with Administrative skills needed for this field. all thanks to the dedicated and informed tutoring of our professors. Thanks to each and every one of them I was able to graduate and follow the career of my choosing. Career Services is a very helpful and supporting deportment. My experience with the staff have been phenomenal. They are always there with helpful advice and encouragement. They should be truly commended for their support to the students and their efforts to place the students after they are graduated. I personally found placement three weeks after graduation. Thanks to the dedication and perseverance of the Career department staff. Thank you Guys. Especially Miss Yelixsa Mattehews- God bless you. I am presently employed by Dr. Shazad Soni’s office as a Medical Assistant and I must say that it has been a God send. I feel totally at home and appreciated. I am still in a learning situation since this field is a constant learning process. I consider myself very fortunate for the opportunity to practice what I was taught of the Allen School and I would recommend this institution to all those who are considering a change or upgrade of career, regardless of age or gender. I also have the privilege of helping one other student that is doing her internship at this office. If I was every asked if I would consider doing this course at Allen School again, I would shout at the top of my voice “YES I WOULD” Thanks Everyone.