Esther Lewter MIBC Student

Esther Lewter

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - November 2015 - AAS Program

Resides in Illinois

My heart is full as I send this e-mail to you with so much emotion. I started a journey in May of 2014 that I had no idea would be this long or this exciting. I can honestly say that thanks to you and all the wonderful instructors I have had along the way that the race was worth it. I am about to cross the finish line and as I write this I can see the green and white checkered flag waving me home on the last lap. But I am not the only winner each one of my class-mates who crosses it with me is also a winner. I have a job thanks to the Allen School that I love and although it is not in the medical field the tools and training that I was given. gave me the skills I needed to be successful at this job, that is not to say that later in life I won’t do medical billing and coding because I will always have the knowledge if I choose to do so, no one knows what the future holds. but for now I am the happiest and healthiest that I have been since 2005. I also want to make sure that Professor Anton knows how grateful I am to her because when I was doubting myself and think¬≠ing there was no way I could do both my new job and finish my schooling Professor Anton was there to talk me down off the ledge of self doubt that I was on, assure me I could do both with out compromising my principals, and still maintaining the workmanship and grades I expected of my-self. and I am happy to say she was right. My Quote is: Run the race believing you will over come the obstacles in your way to win the race. Today again we are all Winners!!! And each person who comes after us and crosses this same finish line will also be a Winner!!! I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in the winner circle.