Fearful of going back to school?

Are You Afraid to go Back to School?

Create a ‘Why Statement’ To Help Fight the Fear About Going Back to School

How do you feel about going back to school? Do you dream where it might take your career?  If you fear that because you are a working mom you won’t have the time or energy to go back to school. But fear has this funny way of holding us back from things that could be exceptional for us. You can think of many reasons not to take on this challenge like the additional workload, the time and energy it’ll take, and, the biggest one is the fear of failure.

How can you put these fearful thoughts aside and truly judge if it’s time for you to go back to school? School should give you something you’re missing. Why do you want to go back to school?  What is missing in your life right now that school could provide? What will furthering your education bring you? A promotion, growing your competency about the work you do, or perhaps changing your career track?  When you can articulate your reason or your “Why statement” you can use it to fight back your fear. When you begin to doubt yourself, remember your “why statement” to leave your fearful thoughts behind.

Get Your Support System to Back You Up 

There will be times when you need help with your home life responsibilities. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the extra workload think about who is your support system and how they can help you accomplish your goals? Identify what you need help with. Will you do homework at night, early mornings, or on the weekends at the library?  

Next, get your support system on board. People in your support system are people like your spouse, partner, parents, neighbors, kids, and friends. Share with them why you’re going back to school. Then share any areas you need help with. You’ll feel less fear knowing that your support system has your back.

Find Extra Time Blocks in Your Day

Do you feel like you won’t have enough time or energy to do homework? Then try this.  Throughout your day tomorrow make it a priority to look for small blocks of free time. Did you spend too much time surfing the net during lunch? You could do work then.

Keep a lookout for these blocks of time where you could give up something to make room for school work. School won’t last forever and making some sacrifices will be worth it. 

It’s hard to contain excitement and anxiety over what will happen once you get that degree or certificate. But all good things come to those who wait or work hard.

 When fearful thoughts creep up when you think about going back to school, take a deep breath and put them aside. You have many options for making it work for you and you could reap some big benefits if you go for it. Following these tips is a way to “go the extra mile”. If you follow these guidelines, you can improve your approach to going back to school. Ready to start working towards a new career? Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now for our summer classes and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit www.allenschool.edu to learn more.

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