February is Women in Science Month

February is the month we celebrate the contributions women have made to the field of science including some amazing advances in healthcare that wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for these incredible individuals. Below are just a few of the amazing women who have helped to shape the face of healthcare and medicine today.
  1. Elizabeth Blackburn: Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California at San Francisco – Blackburn’s research has shown that in cancer cells, the enzyme Telomerase never shuts off, and cells become immortal.
  1. Rita Colwell: Director, National Science Foundation – Her extensive research on cholera created a method in which water could be filtered through sari cloth, thereby preventing 50% of cases of the disease.
  1. Elizabeth Gould: Professor of Psychology, Princeton University – Her research shown that the human brain does indeed develop new cells and neurons throughout a person’s life span. Important findings that have opened many doors to researching brain damage and disease that many thought impossible.
  1. Beatrice H. Hahn: Professor of Medicine and Microbiology, University of Alabama – She has dedicated her life into researching why the HIV virus does not effect a certain sub-species of chimpanzees and finding that difference may provide a pathway to curing this terrible disease.
  1. Mary-Claire King: Professor of Medicine and Genetics – Her research has shown that not only are humans and chimpanzees 99% genetically alike, but also that certain forms of breast cancer can be inherited.
  There are countless other contributions women have made to healthcare and we hope they all serve as inspiration as our student’s begin their journey to a great career in the field. If you are ready to make a difference in the lives of others contact us today. Please visit www.allenschool.edu to learn more.

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