Five Highly Effective Study Habits

Allen School of Health Sciences is aware that our Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant students have a busy personal life outside of school. Making time to study can sometimes be a challenge; however, it must be done. We would like to share a few study habits students should implement.
  1. Take Good Notes – Write down the key points of a lecture or from your text book. These notes can be used to create note cards, so you can study while on the train or bus.
  2. Create a Schedule – Stay organized by creating a schedule of day-to-day activities and include times to study each day.
  3. Limit Distraction – Such as Social Media, music and television – Social media can be a huge distraction. Make sure to disconnect from your social media outlets to keep you focused while studying.
  4. Study Groups – A lot of our Medical Assistant students form study groups with peers in their module. By doing so, students are able to connect with individuals that share a common interest and ultimately want to succeed.
  5. Do not Cram – This is a common mistake we all have made a time or two. Cramming causes undue stress and generally the information is not retained when you wait until the night before.
Allen School students implement these five study habits to assist you in staying prepared for weekly exams and assignments.

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