Getting The Right Start To Your Education

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Tips to Starting Your Education on the Right Foot

  Wonderful job! You’ve decided it’s finally time to get your education and start on the path to a great new career. You’ve completed the enrollment process and school starts in just a few weeks. Now you need to plan so you can be a successful student once your courses actually start.   Set-Up Your Study Space: Decide in advance where you are going to study or attend class if you are an online student. Make sure it’s a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. If you are an online student make sure the space is comfortable so you can concentrate on class and be comfortable during the time you will be online. Take time before classes start to get your family accustomed to respecting your study space and help them understand if you are in that space, you are in class and cannot be disturbed.   Set Your Schedule: Get into a routine before classes start so you are accustomed to your new schedule. You may have to set your alarm earlier than normal or you may need to stay up later than usual to accommodate your new hours. Don’t make plans with family or friends during the hours you will be in class. Help them get accustomed to the fact that you will be unavailable for them sometimes as you work on bettering yourself for a bright new career.   Arrange Help if Needed: Establish things like day care for children before class begins. If possible, start your new routine prior to the first day of class. This way your children are settled into their new routine and you can start school without the stress of the first day away from your children to add to your own stress. If you need to rearrange your work schedule to accommodate classes, try to do so in advance as well so both you and your employer are used to the new routine. Also look at any upcoming appointments and make sure they will not keep you from school and reschedule them if at all possible.   Do Some Research: Read through your school’s website and check out their social media profiles.  Research the resources available to you while you are in class like Student Services, Career Services, or Technical Support. Use sites like Facebook and Twitter to ask questions of current students and see what classes are really like. Remember you are not alone. Every one of your classmates is has the same questions that you do and every student already in school has had to face many of the same challenges. Use their experience to get off to a great start.   Signing up for classes is just the beginning. Your success in school will depend on your commitment to learning as well as planning ahead. Your time in school will be over before you know it and you’ll be on the right path to starting an exciting new career. Remember the Allen School of Health Sciences has decades of experience helping students just like you start on the path to a great new career in healthcare. We have many resources in place to help you succeed both in your training program and beyond! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to get started: 877-591-8753 or visit our website at

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