A Good Nurse’s Aide

Nursing Assistant Training Jamaica NY
While searching for a blog topic this week we found this awesome poem written several years ago about what makes a good Nurse’s Aid and we thought you, our Allen School Family may enjoy it.A Good Nurse’s Aide Let me tell you, what makes a good Nurse’s AideA sound mind, good judgement, and an action carefully layedCaring and trying, with all of your heartMaking the difference, is what sets us apart Communication, so they feel and hearCalming their spirit, with your presence nearTaking time to hear, what they have to sayReassuring them, that everything is okay Making sure, they have good food to eatKeeping them clean, from their head to their feetAssisting them, when the need is thereShowing your interest, and that you care Passing the medicines, so the dosage is rightFlipping the switch, when they need a lightTaking their hand, and showing them the wayMaking for them, a much better day Making their lives, as comfortable as you canHelping them to bed, or helping them to standUnderstanding, just where they’ve beenLetting them know, you are their friend It isn’t just a job, or a game that’s well playedBut a caring spirit, and a heart that’s well madeIt isn’t passing a test, to get a good gradeIt’s what you give of yourself, that makes A Good Nurse’s Aide All credit for this work goes to Budlem and it can be found here, along with similar works. Our NA students play an important role in patient care and we cannot thank them enough for the good work they do in the world. If you are ready to start your new career contact us today! Our final classes of 2017 are enrolling now.

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