Holiday Music and Your Health

Holiday Music and your Health Blog
The holiday swing is well and truly underway. Decorations are up and you may even have your shopping done. One thing is for certain though no matter where you go you are surely hearing Holiday music everywhere. It’s on the radio, on TV, in every store, and every business you visit. For some people this is terrific and puts them in a great mood of holiday cheer. For others though all that holiday cheer may have them thinking more like a holiday Grinch. Studies have shown that listening to music can do some amazing things like treat insomnia, lower pain and anxiety levels, boost your mood, and even reduce depression. Many studies have shown that music can actually improve brain function, especially if you listen to classical music, and holiday music is certainly no exception. So why do holiday tunes make some people say Bah Humbug, rather than Happy Holidays? Well for one thing they seem to start playing earlier and earlier every year and this can cause anxiety as you start to plan your holidays and end of year goals, it can feel like time to do these things is already slipping away. And let’s face it, if you work in a retail setting you have even more reason to stress when the holiday tunes start playing. You get to look forward to months of the same track playing over and over on the stores speakers, and understandably that may make you feel just a bit less festive. If you want to read more about holiday music and the great and not so great benefits it may bring you this holiday season continue reading here. And if you are still looking for a great gift to give yourself, your friends or your family give them the gift of education. Classes are enrolling now for 2018. You could help yourself or someone you know start on the path to a rewarding new career. For more information please visit our website at

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