How to Study to Music

Many people find it difficult to study or focus when there’s not some sort of music playing or noise in the background. It can be very tempting to just turn on the television or radio and begin to study, but not just any noise or music is truly helpful when it comes to learning. Here are a few tips to pick the best tunes to get your study session rocking.  
  1. Classical Music – It may not be your type of music, but many studies have shown it to be conducive to studying and learning. Study time may be a perfect opportunity to expand your musical palette and crank out the Mozart.
  2. Mozart Effect – There really seems to be some scientific evidence that Mozart in particular lends itself very well to improving mental performance
  3. Instrumental Music – Music with no vocals is great for studying, it doesn’t all have to be smooth jazz though. Many movie soundtracks have awesome instrumental music that will help you focus as you study.
  4. Nature Tracks – Well, technically not music, but they can help you relax and focus.
  5. Turn it Down – keep the music volume down so it doesn’t distract you from your studies
  6. Make a Playlist – not only will you like all the music, but if you keep it to about 45 minutes’ worth of music, you’ll know when it’s time to take a study break.
  7. Skip The Radio – The ads and DJ dialogue will distract you in between the tunes.
We hope these tips help you tune into your studies. If you need more help though, always remember that your academics team and student services teams are here to help you achieve all your educational goals. For more info on these and all of our great support teams please visit

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