Internship Dos and Don’ts

One of the most exciting parts of your education here at the Allen School will be finishing your classroom work and then getting to put all of your hard earned new knowledge and skills into practice in your internship site. Not only will you get to build your resume, but you may even get offered an employment opportunity right from your internship. Therefore it’s important to keep some very simple dos and don’ts in mind as you head to internship. DO
  • Listen to your doctor and fellow healthcare professionals when you are onsite.
  • Take every opportunity you are offered while onsite, even if it’s simply watching a procedure or learning a new computer program
  • Be open to all opportunities the healthcare field has to offer.
  • Treat every day of your internship like a job interview. You never know what possibilities the future holds at any given site.
  • Be late or call out while on internship. Not only will it give the employer a poor impression, but you will cheat yourself out of learning more
  • Act like you are the expert. Learn all you can from everyone you interact with at the site
  • Lose track of your responsibilities to attend workshops and turn in time sheets. Internship is a graded class
  • Be afraid to ask questions. You are there to learn and add to your skillsets. Better yourself every chance you can.
Your internship may be the key to starting a successful new career in healthcare so be sure to make the most of every moment you spend onsite. Build professional connections with other healthcare professionals and be very proud of all the hard work you put in to get to this point.

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