Keeping Certified Nursing Assistants Busy – One Coronary at a Time

DoubleDown Fire - Creating Jobs for Certified Nursing Assistants Everywhere!Next in our long list of “Frankenfoods” that contribute to the ongoing epidemic of obesity and related co-morbidities such as hypertension, high blood pressure, heart disease and others is brought to you by KFC.  Yes, KFC is doing its part better than most grease merchants this year.  Their Double Down sandwich (which we’ve reported on regularly) and even the recent variation on the heart-stopping theme – the Double Down Dog (blogged about here) is no match for the latest atrocity: the Fire Double Down Maxx! Its as though KFC is working to single-handedly ensure that there will be plenty of work for those studying to become certified nursing assistants with the Allen School.  The Fire Double Down Maxx is two fried, boneless chicken breasts coated in a flaming red, hot-sauce infused batter, acting as buns for what is essentially a hot sauce sandwich with a slice of processed American cheese and a slice of tomato (ostensibly for health reasons).  This sandwich alone will surely send scores of Americans running to the ER or the offices of their family practitioner with a host of maladies spanning from indigestion to acid reflux to heart palpitations and who knows what else. Clearly, we have a lot of fun here at the Allen School blog, lampooning the horrific eating habits of the American public and the merchants of saturated fat who make a tidy profit “giving the people what they want”.   But the broader point is simply that these eating habits truly do help ensure there will be no shortage of jobs for people in healthcare roles such as certified nursing assistants.  This is why it is a good idea to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant with the Allen School.

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