Lesson for CNA Candidates – Turning Adversity into Achievement

Nothing dissuades winners from their ultimate triumph.  Countless volumes have been written by or about those who have made some of human history’s most significant achievements.  The similarity between every winners’ story is a strong tendency to persevere.  Those who have ultimately won and captured the prize they pursued all agree that countless failures had to be endured along the long road to inevitable success; a road that one cannot travel to its terminus without dogged determination and a mindset that doesn’t view adversity or challenges as obstacles.  But rather, as stepping stones to something greater. If you’re a certified nursing assistant, or if you’re considering becoming a certified nursing assistant, but there are obstacles preventing you from acting on your desire to take CNA training, you should consider the story of Dr. Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez.  Her story of overcoming adversity and even leveraging her challenge into a life-affirming solution is truly inspirational.  It should demonstrate that there are no true obstacles.  Only setbacks on the road to success.

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