lori homes MIBC Student

Lori Holmes

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Graduate - July 2016

Resides in Arkansas

Going to school while taking care of my home, 3 children, and spending time with my husband is sometimes complicated, but well worth the effort. I want my family to have a wonderful future and for my children to see that hard work pays off, so making school a top priority is very important. I sometimes spend late nights doing homework after everyone is asleep and early mornings reading my chapters before anyone wakes. Having a special needs child who has numerous doctor’s appointments makes having perfect attendance difficult, however, I take advantage of the General Make Up classes offered. I also have downloaded the Black Board opp on my phone so I can take class with me, if possible. Thank you so much for asking me to help encourage other students. I know there are days that I feel swamped, but I know I have to keep on going. Hopefully, this will help others!