Nancy Drew, Girl Detective

Some of you may already know this about me … others maybe not. At one time, I was just like you, believe it or not. I always knew that one day I go back to school and finish my education. Early on I thought I really wanted to be a nurse, even started nursing school. However, life did get in the way and I needed to drop out for a while. I had a problem pregnancy and lost a child. Eventually, I found my way back to school. By that time, I decided I no longer wanted to be a nurse. I had spent many years taking care of others so I wanted something new. I knew I wanted to stay in healthcare but what could I do that would let me help people? I discovered the world of Health Information Management … coding to be exact! It was a like a dream come true! I could become the girl detective I always wanted to be growing up. My heroine years ago was Nancy Drew. I wanted to be like her. Remember the “Secret of the Old Clock?” Well, that was me!! As a young girl, I thrived on those books and becoming my own girl detective. I made my own secret code, used invisible ink, and spied on my brothers and their friends! Oh, how they hated that! You get the picture, I am sure! Well, I found medical coding is a lot like that except someone else made up the secret code! You must learn a brand new language, the language of the medical field, and transfer that language into codes! You must dig deep sometimes in the patient’s medical record to determine the patient’s diagnoses and procedures the physician carried out in treating the patient! It is a lot of fun! It can be frustrating when you don’t find the right code or information. Once you do though there is a feeling of Eureka! I found it! I did it! So tell me what you are discovering? What your thoughts? <<COMMENTS FOR THIS POST HAVE BEEN CLOSED>>

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  1. Brittany Frye

    In Career Development I was surprised to learn about Power Adjectives and how much of an effect they can have on an interview. When you’re short about your answers, the interviewer gets bored. If you integrate Power Adjectives into your sentences, your story pops. Employers want to hear about what you’ve done for other companies so they know you’re capable of performing the same, if not better, for them. You have to learn how to seel yourself in this class. It’s difficult for those of us who are humble. Employers seem to be the only group of people that want to hear people brag about themselves LOL! But it makes you feel good when you can see what you’ve accomplished!!

  2. Shemaiah

    In Medical Office Procedures, I learned how to use a Physician Practice software system to enter patient information, such as employer information & health insurance information, into the software. I learned to set up appointments for these patients. I was very confused at first when it came to setting up the cases for the patients’ but I finally figured that out as well as entering the transactions and the payments and adjustments. Insurance information- I learned to enter the codes for the different insurances. This software also allows for the procedure codes, place of service codes, and the physicians that work in the practice to be entered and saved into the program. I personally like working with this software because there were a couple of times that I didn’t have all the information needed and the software would not allow me to continue until I fixed my problem. I am still learning I know that I haven’t learned everything yet about this software but I am excited to learn more. I like this software very much.

  3. Barbara Pellum

    In our coding classes, at The Allen School we learned how to figure out what the primary diagnosis was and how to code them. The part of the curriculum that I love the most was the Anatomy class. It taught you how to break down the technical words in order to understand what they were. This course is the most fun and the most hard work I’ve done in a long time. I am greatful for this opportunity and look forward to graduation. I invite anyone who wants to become a coder or biller to join us at the Allen School and start your career today. Thank you staff members of the Allen School for helping me reach my dream.

  4. Danielle Hardage

    Anyone who has the pleasure to have Margie as an instructor will be able to feel her enthusiasm for medical coding and this program. As a student, at the end of the Medical Billing and Coding program, I can honestly say I learned more from Margie’s classes than any other. She really tries to make a connection with the students and seems to understand all of our frustrations. I am getting closer to my Eureka moment everyday!
    For anyone out there that may doubt themselves, don’t. I spent many hours wondering what I was doing and struggling through trying to balance school, work and family. I made it and so can you.

  5. Danielle Hardage

    As a student, at the end of the Medical Coding program, I can honestly say I could not have made it through this course without Margie White! Her enthusiasm and knowledge is contagious. I spent many hours desperately trying to make sense of this foreign language called medical coding that she spoke of in her article. There were times that I did not think I could make it through the course. For those of you who may have your doubts, don’t! Although I am still waiting for my Eureka moment, I know I am ready to start my new career.

  6. Terasa Goeddeke

    I, too, restarted my education late in life. I currently hold an EMT license and getting at the age where it is difficult for me to serve the community with the ambulance service. I wanted to stay in the medical field and had researched Medical Transcription and Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. I decided that Medical Insurance Billing and Coding was the field I wanted to enroll in. I enrolled and have enjoyed and learned very much from anatomy, phisiology, and medical terminology to preparing myself for an interview. My instructors and my classmates have been really great when I asked questions or needed help with an assignment. Now I am looking forward to completing the last two weeks of the course and preparing for the exam.

  7. Terasa Goeddeke

    In Medical Office Procedures, I have learned how to use the Medisoft Program to enter the patient information for the medical practice, including personal information, insurance information, scheduling appointments, and billing the patient and the insurance company electronically. I have also learned the different appointment types, and different methods of scheduling for appointments.

  8. Alice Elms

    Hi everyone! In our coding classes we learned so much. I had no idea that we would need to dive into the human anatomy as much as we did. Now that I’ve started coding (in assignments and for discussion), I realize WHY we have to know the anatomical terms!! Patient’s charts aren’t always going to be cut and dry, we are going to have to do some “detective work”.
    We also learned a lot about 3rd party payers and reimbursement methods. I learned a lot about programs that are out there to help people that are free of charge, or next to it. It only takes a little bit of research.
    We also learned a lot about ethics, confidentiality, and dilemmas. On any given day our learning and understanding of these things can be tested out there in the real world. We are lucky to have had the Allen School to guide us in the right direction!

  9. In our coding classes, we learned how to code from the CPT and ICD-9-CM codebooks. We did this by working the problems in the textbook and getting feedback from weekly quizzes and assignments.
    The class was a little like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
    At first, the puzzle seemed too big to solve but gradually the pieces started coming together. There is still a lot to learn but now we have the tools to continue our education.

  10. Loren Schneider-Cohen

    I can relate to reading this article. I am the mother of 3 children, 15, 12, and 3. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 15 years and decided it was time to do something for myself by going to school. I find this course very challenging and rewarding. I can’t wait to get back into the workplace! I agree coding is a whole new language to me, but I am really enjoying it!

  11. Jennifer Torna

    In Medical Law and Ethics, I discovered the importance of Bioethical Principles. Having respect for autonomy to let the patient make his or her own decisions. Beneficence means doing good/being kind. Nonmaleficence means to do no harm. Integrity means being honest and having respect. Justice means to treat everyone fairly. Using these principles will help me to provide the best quality care that the patient needs and deserves.

  12. Jennifer Torna

    In our coding class, I have learned a lot of valuable information. I have learned how to properly use the CPT coding book. At first it was very confusing. After taking a few of the courses on it, I am now using it with ease. I am able to find the proper code in an amble amount of time. I look forward to using it in my new profession.

  13. Cherry Jackson

    In our coding class, I have revisited several things I forgot from years past. You realize that we can’t use the Alphabetic Index to code only. This is just a section that help one find the correct codes or in conjuntion with the Tabular List. I have also refreshed myself as to the locations of the section, the E codes and the V codes. Using the CPT book, ICD-9 in conjunction has helped. There are still so much to learn, but I have a better grasp than I did at the beginning.
    I look forward to doing more coding in my future job.

  14. Cherry Jackson

    In our Legal and Ethical Class, I have enjoyed learning the legal aspects of our job. The realization of the Bioethical Dilemma that we all face each day, in the medical field, or even in our prersonal life. But this class has brought forth a even better understanding of the complete steps to Resolving Biothical issues we seem to face.
    The Torts were a very interesting part also of this class. Some of the case studying that were impacted in the medical field that helped change the state laws, the Due Process and the Courts were an eye opener. And some of the appeal processes one needs to do when one wants to appeal a schools decision.

  15. Liz Yamin

    In Career Development, I was surprised to learn how much goes into getting ready an interview for a job. I never realized how putting together a creative resume filled with all your past work history, accomplishments and results can be very effective in influencing a future employer.
    Learning to be ready to answer questions for a job interview, helped tremendously when we had our Mock Interviews.
    This course has made me realize how much you need to be confident, aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and to be ready to know how to answer any question, so it will result in you being employed for the position you are applying for.

  16. Liz Yamin

    In Medical Office Procedures, I learned how to use a Physician Practice Software System to create a profile for a new practice, enter physicians, patient’s information and schedule patients for their appointments.
    The part I enjoyed was learning how to put in codes for billing, ICD-9cm and CPT. I also learned how to enter insurance information, billing information, enter deposits adjustments, create day sheets, create statements and other advanced features of medisoft. I now feel more confident when applying for a job after having had this experience.

  17. Nancy Ray

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I learned much about different insurance carriers. For example, not every policy is the same. One prodedure may pay under a subscribers policy, but not paid under medicare. As a biller and coder, we can’t just take it for granted everything pays. Also, different policies have different guidelines, such as, how much is paid (subscribers co-pay) or when it’s paid (pre-existing waiting period).

  18. Stephanie Lopez

    In Medical Law and Ethics I have discovered how the law and ethics play a large role in the healthcare setting. The laws in the medical field are ever changing; decisions and medical ethics are challenged to respond to new technology, along with the moral conscience. This class has put a new and refreshing perspective on how we look at our policies and procedures in the workplace; and how we learn to resolve dilemmas we are faced. Understanding why these policies and procedures are in place, and how they work for you everyday.

  19. Stephanie Lopez

    The Coding class is a wonderful challenge. I have been in health care for many years and just when you think you know it all, something like, this coding class lets you know that you don’t. I have used the CPT and ICD- 9 CM on the job every day and came to class thinking this was going to be easy for me, but I learned that there are better techniques to on how to use these manuals. Its like learning a foreign language, but once you get the dialog, everything seems to fall in place and you gain a better understanding

  20. Lena Drewery

    There are so many things I have learned and continue to learn every day in this Medical Insurance Billing and Coding class. I am learning about the different insurances. I have learned a great deal about HIPPA. Even in my everyday life, I use this information to be a more informed person. And the vocabulary; wow. I am learning more about the human body and a whole new vocabulary with that as well. I also, and maybe most importantly, have learned a great deal about professionalism in this area of work. My computer skills have increased dramatically, and my English usage and all of the grammar rules I have relearned have been invaluable. I am very excited to continue this learning experience. The instructors have been terrific and the way the classes are set up make all of the information I have to learn makes everything easier and more comprehensive.

  21. Cathie Hendrix

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I am learning that you can teach old dog new tricks. I decided that even at an older age I can learn new things and be an asset to someone in a new occupation. I am learning that there is more to Medical Insurance and Billing than sitting at a desk filling in a form. There is so much more involved than I ever imagined. Each assignment, as well as, each day brings a new respect for those who have paved the path for me. Some days all the information is so overwhelming then the next day it seems to fall in place. I have learned what is involved in the job responsibilities of insurance billing specialist. That being able to abstract the health information from the patient records is a very important and detailed job. I have learned that with time all of this will make sense and one day I will look back and wonder why I so worried I would never make it. I can learn this, I can do this, and I can be an asset to any employer that is willing to give me the chance to prove myself.

  22. Eva Koos

    I am a medical transcriptionist and actually never thought about becoming a Medical Insurance Biller and Coder. Then, I don’t know how and why, I started to receive the paper called “For the Record.” I have a tendency of ignoring all kind of papers in the mail box (they are just overwhelming), but not my husband. One day, he told me I should consider of becoming a Medical Insurance Biller and Coder. That was the first seed planted in my mind. Then a very good friend of us suddenly signed up for a Medical Insurance Billing and Coding course and was very enthusiastic about it. Few weeks passed and I found myself at the beginning of a new career.
    Insurance companies, different methods of payments, primary and secondary insurance plans, CMS, DRG, HIPAA, HIM, AMA, OCR, all kind of abbreviations–everything is new for me. We are at the end of our second Module and regarding all those new insurance-related terminologies, policies, and procedures I still feel as being in a big jungle; however, there are sometimes little lights shining up for few seconds. These moments give me hope that as time passes and we move forward in processing all the new information, by the end of the course I will have more clarity how the insurance system works in our country.
    In our second Module, we’ve got a taste of diagnostic and procedural coding and completing claim forms. This is really exciting! I have fun time in the detective work of finding the right codes. I enjoy it a lot and I know this is why I chose this profession.

  23. Dawn Gutierrez

    I am learning that Medical Billing and Coding is an array of information. I like the idea that it is like a Nancy Drew story. It is such a challenge that is exciting to me. I am very interested in the coding manuals and having the potential to work along side other well educated professionals. I have learned that a person can put there own health record together online and have it with them for future reference. The technology of health information is on a path that I am so happy to be a part of. I feel that sometimes I have taken on to much, but then I look at the resources that are available to me to succeed I keep going strong. I am halfway through my course and cannot wait to get out there to get started in my new career. I know that I will be an asset to the company that will give me a chance to prove myself.

  24. Elise Martin

    What I am learning is that I can learn anything I want. There is so much information that we are learning right now and that will continue on even after we are done with the program, yet that is exciting. I have been out of school for a lot of years, and now I have returned and am learning a lot. I am really excited by the coding portion especially. It is like fitting puzzle pieces together. Each piece has its place and has to be put in the right spot. Another thing I have been learning is how important it is to be computer literate. I have always been a technology person in that I love gadgets and gizmos. This allows me to learn new skills in a medium that I thoroughly enjoy. I am also seeing that what I am learning through my anatomy class is able to be used to help other people now. I was talking with my mother-in-law recently and she was asking a question about one of our systems and I was able to answer her! I would have never been able to do that before because I didn’t know it. My final point in what I am learning is that when I am done with this program, I am going to be a viable, completely marketable person to be employed who will be an asset to the place I work at. That is very exciting to me. My skill set is a desired skill set in the work place!

  25. Dawn Gutierrez

    In anatomy an physiology I am learning that the language is so different that it takes you to a different world. What I have learned about how the body works is so interesting and that it made me change what I physically put into it. I am so interested about the term my classmates and I are learning this week. I have had a good friend of mine pass away this week of cancer and it was within 3 weeks of being diagnosed. Cancer is one of the most strenuous on the body and what it does to a person internally is devastating. As with Farrah Fawsett and her diagnosis also. I wish both of them farewell and they are both angels in my book.

  26. Dawn Gutierrez

    I was so surprised to learn in Interpersonal Communication about the segregation of different cultures. I know that a wealthy person as opposed to a not so wealthy person has more opportunity and that an American born in the US as apposed to an Spanish person not born in the US but is a US citizen would have doubt about any medical issues. It is sad to me that this being a freedom world, would at times be so cultural bias. It is time that we as a freedom world learn about different cultures and stop stereotyping persons because of their color or back round. I try in my day-to-day life to give people the respect and dignity the I would expect myself.

  27. Tiffany Dowling

    In Medical Billing and Insurance, I have learned so much about insurance and coding. I work at a doctor’s office already but I am not certified in the job I have. I have been working as a medical billing and coding professional for a little over a year and I love it. I wanted to have as much knowledge in the subject as possible. So far, what I have learned has helped me so much with my work and our revenue has picked some too.

  28. Jane Snowberger

    I am finding online schooling is not an enjoyable experience for me. I am hoping I will get enough out of it to pass the certification so I will not have wasted my time and money. I have learned that coding is very detailed and an important career. I have learn that this career is just as demanding and detailed as nursing. The coding classes are frustrating and interesting all rolled into to one. The coding live chats are helpful and the exercises gives the student a hands on and question and answer time to solve problems.

  29. Stephanie Chamberlain

    In Medical Insurance and Billing: I have learned how important it is to read all of the coding information correctly before placing codes how important it is to make sure claims are clean and completed in a timely manner, so the physician can get paid. Also how it is very important to make sure Medicaid and Medicare is also done correctly because of all the laws that pertain to the billing aspects and the length of time it takes for payment. Most of all I have learned how important it is to make sure as billing and coding specialist follow the HIPPAA laws and the privacy acts. One more thing I didn’t relize how many types of claims are involved with billing and coding and the different types of payments involved Also if you are on the job training billing and coding specialist make sure all questions are asked during this period and keep asking until you understand the information.

    One more thing I would like to add is how I would like to Thank Allen School the help desk and Sandra Matson for helping out when me DSL went down and the response I received even from Joe.

  30. Dale McMillen

    Medical Insurance and Billing is covered over a 12 week period. And I can say from personal experience that it is the most intense, challenging 12 weeks Allen School has to offer. In Medical Insurance and Billing, there are tons of information to digest and tons of assignments to do. This course is not for the timid or weak, there is so much to learn and comprehend, so much to do, multiple assignments, tests and discussions. There were many times I wanted to throw the book across the room or watch it being shredded it in the shredder machine. But I survived and so will you!
    Professor Maggie White is an inspiration and a God-send to Medical Insurance and Billing. Without her CLassLive sessions, her PowerPoint presentations and answering questions almost immediately, her determination made those 12 weeks alittle easier to deal with.
    I sent most of my life avoided learning about medical insurance but these two courses allows for people who are like me to be aware of the basics of medical insurance and then expand that knowledge into a prospective career. This course will challenge you, it will infuriate you but it will also make you very so knowledgeable about Medical insurance and billing. Take care and good luck.

  31. Julie Richardson

    In Medical Law and Ethics I have discovered what constitutes assault and battery in the health care environment. It was surprising to me to learn that by taking a patient’s suitcase from him because he wanted to leave the hospital against medical advice that that action could be defined as battery, an intentional tort. Additionally, I have learned the important elements of disclosure for informed consent and the exceptions to informed consent, such as emergency situations. Another important learning point is that competent individuals have a right to make their own decisions regarding medical treatment, even if it means denying life-saving measures. There are so many other great lessons in this class. The texbook is a very interesting read with lots of great case scenarios and real-life cases to learn from. This class is practical and well worth the time. Thanks, Mr. Gulliford!

  32. Julie Richardson

    Although the coding class has been the most challeging so far, it has also been the most instrumental, since it is what I plan on doing after I pass my certification (if I pass). Coding will allow me to pursue a career in the medical field, which has always been an interest of mine. I love learning about how to code diagnoses and procedures through the ICD-9-CM book and the CPT manual. Before this class, I had no idea of the complexity of the behind the scenes coding documentation that took place just because of an office or hospital visit. I love to be an investigator and a problem-solver so coding seems to be a great fit for a new career. It is also helpful to be a detail-oriented person who is not afraid to ask questions. If in doubt, check it out! A very important lesson learned in this class is not to assume anything–If it isn’t documented, it wasn’t done! Thanks for the training, Ms. Beckham. I hope I have what it takes.

  33. Sandra Almanzar

    In the Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program I am learning alot more than I expected! Not only am I learning how physicians and medical facilities generate revenue and how codes are used, but I also have a better understanding of our language as well. I never imagined I would be learning as much about the human body, all the different types of procedures, and all the advanced terminology. This course has proved to be a challenging but rewarding experience for me. I am confident these skills and this knowledge will make me successful.

  34. Nichole Mitchell

    I think I posted my first response in the wrong section. Here it is again.
    In my billing class, I learned that not all insurances are the same. Just because they have the same name, ex. Medicare part A and B. The requirements are different for each part. The guidelines are different as well.
    In My coding class I learned how to go through the chart and find what is truely important in order to code correctly. Coding isnt as easy as it looks. It can be time consuming and challenging. The smallest detail can make a difference. The wrong symbol, number or letter can put a code into a whole different category. Being precise with the codes is key. Detail is key.

  35. Nichole Mitchell

    In my Bioethics class I have learned alot about the rules and regulations of the health care system. Laws and respect.
    Different types of Torts. Intentional torts such as assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress. You would think that some of these terms mean the same in one way or another. But they dont. For example when someone says battery to me I automatically would think of someone being maliciously hurt or striking a person. I would have never expected a battery to be considered a doctor touching the wrong part of a patient body instead of the one they got the consent for to be a battery.
    There are many things that I didnt know and i acutally find this class interesting. Mr. Gulliford is a great instructor and I admire him for all he has accomplished in his life and in the medical field.

  36. Laura Ortega

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I learned one small error made on the CMS-1500 claim form can cause a claim to be denied. I have learned to take my time and breathe when filling it out for the first time. I have been advised to ask as many questions as it takes to understand the material. I know I will be an expert at filing claims and coding because of the supportive staff at the Allen school on-line. Don’t think just because these are on-line classes you won’t learn, because that is not the case! I have already learned so much because the instructors are so willing to help, and they are motivated and determined you succeed in this program.

  37. Sharon Durnell

    I was so excited about learning the in and outs of Medical Billing and Coding. I have worked in a Hospital Laboratory for so many years and was often involved in establishing new test and profiles. I believe this slight shift to the right profession will be a great addition to my medical foundation that will allow me to expand. I love the process of working through the exercises and look forward to real-world experiences.

    As with anything, it will take experience to build upon what I have learned at Allen School. What a great foundation we have been give. I look forward to this profession as I move into the next phases in my life.

    As Margie said, we never know what will come our way. I want to have options that will allow me to stay active and are always challenging and rewarding. I know I have found the perfect fit. I appreciate all that we have been given and patience as we learn.

  38. Beth Comerford

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I am learning that there is so much more to this career than I had anticipated. It is very overwhleming at times but by taking a deep breath and not continuously second guessing myself, everything seems to be falling into place and that is a really nice feeling.
    I have learned what will be expected of me when I enter into the medical coding and billing field, how important HIPAA is, and that medical insurance and billing is not just looking up codes in a book and filling in a form. This course is showing me the foundations of what I will need to be a successful medical coder and biller and also how to be a more responsible person all around as well.

  39. Linda Adamo

    I am so glad I found Allen School. I have learned so much in the short time, I find it truly amazing. I have found that there is so much to learn in this field. I never realized how much went into this position. I love the Medical Billing and Coding Classes. We have done our first assignment filling out the CMS 1500, WOW, I never dreamed it would be so itimidating. LOL, Like everyone before me is saying, it will fall into place and I can’t wait. Anatomy and Physiology is the other class I am taking and it is awesome, a different language all together.

  40. Elizabeth Lumpkin

    This has been one of my most challenging years by far. Personally and professionally. I have explored many different career opportunities in my life, but medical coding is the most fun I have had while learning. I enjoy my instructors immensly and my classmates are always there and willing to help when questions arrise. I have 2 other blogs sites right now but it is great that I can write about coding and billing and the stress! and know that the people reading it will understand!

  41. Jenny Crespo

    In medical Insurance and Billing I’ve learned how involved insurance claims really are. They require all kinds of information in order for a doctor to receive payment from the insurance company. I also realized just how many different types of insurance claim forms is really out there from Medicaid, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, private insurance companies, CHAMPVA and Tricare. I learned the importance of being very organized in this type of field and how having excellent critical thinking skills could take me a long way through this career. In addition to critical thinking skills, I learned that practicing and applying what I have learned solidifies all the information I read and brings it to the surface. I didn’t realize just how complex our organs and their functions really are. In my Anatomy and Physiology class I learned how very important it is to know all the combining forms and terms in medicine to be able to interpret what the information, such as diagnosis, procedures and laboratory, is in a patients file.

  42. Janet Chavez

    In Medical Insurance and Billing I’ve learned many things. The list is never ending since everything is just so new to me. One thing that has really been difficult to me is looking for the correct ICD-9-CM codes. I never thought that it’d be this difficult, however, someone has to do the job right? Well there are so many codes for so many diseases. Most codes become more specific, but its the job of the coder to figure out which one fits the right diagnoses. It’s funny because when I’d step into a doctor’s office I never knew what happened “behind-the-scenes” I’d just go and get checked and I knew someone had to pay for my visit, but I didn’t know how it was done.

  43. Vanessa Straehle

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I am learning that there is much more to a simple doctor’s visit than I always thought. Everything from patient registration information to a physician signing a form play essential roles in getting a claim typed up and sent out. It is imperative to be able to obtain all the correct information as well as correctly fill out a claim form. Insurance companies, physicians, and the patients depend on our ability to completely and properly submit a claim. The role of the medical insurance biller and coder is a very important one and I appreciate the opportunity to be learning such skills.

  44. Bibi Shavone Narayan

    Wow, I don’t know where to start!! I love the post by girl detective because i can relate to it very much. I also love how intelligent everyone’s approach to this is.

    I would like to start by saying, Medical billing and coding is like a mystery, you get the procedure or diagnosis and looking for the code is like finding clues to uncover the mystery..sooo awesome!

    I always wanted to be a detective, I guess this is my chance to work my magic huh? lol

    medical coding is fun and easy [sometimes]
    In the classes we take now, it might seem hard at times but I think of it this way, we learning and it’s beautiful how much information there is to this area of the medical field, now we’re learning this stuff in general but it might not be this hard in the future because you’ll get more famaliar with the codes and think about it, you won’t have to memorize all these codes we learning now, if you’re working for a OB/GYN you don’t need to know codes that are related to amputation of a finger!

    Medical coding is awesome, i learnt so much && i’d recommend everyone to do it, don’t steal our jobs though lol just kidding 🙂


  45. Ruth Coxum-Osuji

    In Medical Law and Ethics, I discovered the importance to follow all of the guidelines of HIPPA, These laws and codes of ethics assures fairness for all patient’s and medical staff. More importantly the cultural barriers are separating so healthcare providers will meet all the medical challenges as they arise.

  46. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The original idea was to make the healthcare industry save money by computerizing paper records. That led to concerns over privacy and new privacy regulations from the Department of Health and Human Services.
    HIPAA rules give you new rights to know about and to control how your health information gets used.Your healthcare provider and your insurance company have to explain how they’ll use and disclose your health information. You can ask for copies of all this information, and make appropriate changes to it. You can also ask for a history of any unusual disclosures. If someone wants to share your health information, you have to give your formal consent. Health information is to be used only for health purposes. When your health information gets shared, only the minimum necessary amount of information should be disclosed.

    These rules are set to protect your privacy as an individual. I was glad to learn that there are rules to protect us as individuals when it comes to our privacy to our medical records.

  47. Alisa Patnode

    In medical insurance and billing I learned a tremendous amount of information that I had no idea about. Being one of the 6 million unemployed, I decided to reinvent myself and find a different career. I have always been consumed with the medical field and had a friend who does medical coding and billing out of her home. Sounded as a great idea. Over the last 12 weeks I have found myself over whelmed and amazed at the same time. Being a detective has been so much fun that when I finally find the right diagnostic codes I am so overjoyed. The medical insurance class has pulled the other three classes together. It has taught me how to use the medical and anatomy terms to find the right codes and decipher patients’ progress notes; how the health management class gave us the basic foundation and showed us what the future for medical coders and billers looks like. Through everyone I have found some great resources online. I am looking forward to graduation and being able to put all my new knowledge to work.

  48. Confidentiality is the communication between the patient and doctor is strictly confidential. Even family members are not necessarily allowed to have information about a person’s medical condition. A federal law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

    People normally are able to see and obtain copies of their medical records and request corrections if they find mistakes.
    Health care practitioners should routinely disclose their practices regarding privacy of personal medical information.
    Health care practitioners may share the person’s medical information, but only among themselves and only as much as is necessary to provide medical care.
    Personal medical information may not be disclosed for marketing purposes.
    Health care practitioners should take reasonable precautions to ensure that their communications with the person are confidential.
    People may file complaints about privacy practices of health care practitioners

    All this information will be a great help for me as I ready myself to enter the field of coding and billing. It has been a great experience so far and I am sure it will continue to be a good experience. Learning all the ethics involved and the coding itself will help me excel in this field.

  49. Brenda Brow

    In my Medical and Billing and Insurance course I have grown to have a better understanding for the billing profession. I chose to take the Medical Billing and Coding course because I have a daughter-in-law and 2 daughters in the medical field. I have worked in the medical insurance/worker’s compensation field most of my career and then over the last 10 years, decided to run my own businesses. After 10 years and a few added gray hairs, it was time to stop and find something that challenged my mind and educational ability. Since I started this course, I have learned so much about the insurance field that I didn’t know and then a refresher on stuff I did already know. I am glad that I have chosen the Allen online because I feel they have given me alot of information about the field I am entering into and they have helped out with anything we have asked. It has been great interacting with other students in this adventure as well. Thanks again Allen

  50. Dana Conley

    In Medical Coding and Billing, I have learned how important proper documentation is. Without correct and thorough information being added to the health record, a proper claim can not be completed. All parties concerned (patient, health care provider, insurance provider) are directly effected by proper documentation leading to correct coding and billing. False reporting can lead to patient overbilling and leads to general increases in cost to all insureds. More importantly, incorrect documentation could cause a risk to the patient’s health. Improper dosage, drug interactions, etc. can all cause great risk to a patient’s health and can often be prevented through accurate documentation.

  51. I have learned even more than I did in The Language of Medicine class. I have always been interested in medicine and the workings of the human anatomy. This class has just provided me with even more amazing information. It also makes those areas that I was not very educated about more so and can better apply the other information to more correctly. This has been a great experience and am anxious to finish this amazing journey.

  52. Lori Boyer

    I have had a great learning experience in the Interpersonal Communication in Health class. It made me realize that once I start my career that I will also need to learn all information regarding the different cultures of people I will be in contact with on a daily basis. Not only on a patient level, but also on a professional level with my colleagues. It has also sharpened by senses in the work force that I have lost since not working. The discussions shared with my fellow class mates has added to the learning experience.

  53. Lori Boyer

    I have just loved!!!!! my Language of Medicine class. I have always enjoyed the anatomy and the scientifics of it all. I wish that I would have gone into the medical field working in a lab to help find causes and cures for diseases, but was unable to. This class has made me understand things that I did not and has given me a renewed sense of wanting to get started in my new profession. I will carry this information with me and continue to learn more about the anatomy when I get settled into my career path. It has been a great experience.

  54. Elizabeth Painter

    In my Interpersonal Communications class I was surprised to learn just how much we use non-verbal communication in our every day lives, and don’t even realize we’re using it. When we had to do the exercise in non-verbal communication I could not believe how many times in one day we use this as a way of communicating. I was very surprised to learn that non-verbal communication is every bit as important as verbal communication.

  55. Sharon Flittner

    To: Margie (Nancy Drew Girl Detective):

    Your blog was very inspirational! My biggest question is: Who hires brand new CCA coders with no previous experience? I have searched for hours online and find almost all job postings require at least 6 months of coding.

    Thanks, Sharon Flittner

  56. Martha Soules

    I have really enjoyed my classes with Allen School. I have learned so much with even more to learn. I love learning and this has been a real challenge for me, working full time and this fast track learning. I am looking forward to exploring new avenues with my new career.

    Thanks to everyone,
    Martha Soules

  57. Ed Honiker

    In the Interpersonal Communications class, I was amazed at the magnitude of cultural diversity we would perhaps be dealing with in our new career. The discussion forum and the efforts of the instructor have already given access to many different religions and cultures, all useful information to have in the not too distant future.

  58. Ed Honiker

    The Language of Medicine course has been a fast-paced but thorough trip through all aspects of the human body. Our instructor has been particularly adept at generating interesting discussion forums, and I believe all of us in the class have truly enjoyed the discussions, as they have been a remarkable learning experience.

  59. Maria Kaszanics

    What I learned in medical insurance and billing is knowing what to expect when it is time for me to work in a medical office setting. Getting to know how to process insurance claims, learning how to use the CMS forms(1500 and UB-04 1450). The main thing I learned is the difference between all the third party payers, getting to know which insurance claim goes to whom and how payments are paid.

  60. Terra Songy

    In Medical Billing and Coding I have learned an such a massive amount of information that I have no idea where to begin. The different types of third party payers, what they do, and how they differ in what they require is dumbfounding. Also there are so many different departments in medical facilities that most don’t even realize are there! But you learn how they all work together for the care of the patient, and the betterment of the community.

    The information learned in this course is so incredibly valuable! I will say that in the care of a family member, I have been able to use my knowledge taken from this course, and apply it to my home life, not only to my future career!

  61. Shirnale Walden

    Assignment Statement for Unit 6

    Chapter 11 & 12 – 5 exercises on cd for chapter 11
    – 5 excercise on cd for chapter 12

    By the way, I enjoyed reading all the blogs. I will be visiting again.

  62. Alma Pacheco

    I have learned a lot about myself and others in the Interpersonal Communications Class. This class shed light into issues that we deal with everyday and how we interpret those issues differently. It has helped me be more aware of what I say and do around others. Everyone can benefit from a course like this, and be more accepting of each other.

  63. Alma Pacheco

    I have always wanted to know about the anatomy. It has always fascinated me. The Medical Terminology Class peaked my interest even more. I enjoyed doing the research on a lot of different and current issues. The Textbook was easy to follow and I am glad that I can review the information on my own time. This course was extremely essential to medical billing and coding because it helps to learn the codes and the difference between them.

  64. Tiffany Dowling

    In my The Language of Medicine class, I have learned so much about the human body. I especially loved the discussions. We talked about everything from health foods to autism. I learned so much from my class mates in the discussion. I also liked the assignments so much because there are matching excersises and I am a visual learner so these helped me a lot!

  65. Joanna O'Brien

    In Interpersonal Communications, I was surprised to learn that cultural diversity plays such a large part in all of health care. Of course, I knew ahead of time that there were different cultures and that they would all seek medical advice sooner or later. I just had no idea how much research you really should put into the cultures in order to educate yourself about their beliefs and to make sure not to insult them. Eye contact, for example, is so important to us as Americans, but in other cultures, it is a sign of disrespect. Who knew?

  66. Joanna O'Brien

    Interpersonal Communications, I was surprised to learn that cultural diversity plays such a large part in all of health care. Of course, I knew ahead of time that there were different cultures and that they would all seek medical advice sooner or later. I just had no idea how much research you really should put into the cultures in order to educate yourself about their beliefs and to make sure not to insult them. Eye contact, for example, is so important to us as Americans, but in other cultures, it is a sign of disrespect. Who knew?

  67. Joanna O'Brien

    In Anatomy…I had no idea that it was going to be so hard to learn the roots, prefixes and suffixes!! There are so many combining forms that mean the same thing. You find yourself second guessing if you are correct. I thoroughly enjoyed the class but it was very challenging.

  68. Helena Henry

    The Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology Course is great. Much of the information I already knew from other chapters in my life. However, it was not well organized and there were many blank spaces.Thanks to this course and Dr D., I am now organized with no blank spaces. I’m looking forward to using all I’ve learned about the human body, first in the coding and billing courses which are coming up and then, actually on the job after graduation. My “ah ha” moment came in the chapter on the Circulatory system. I finally understood exactly how the blood flows through the heart and lungs, and that’s pretty amazing.

  69. Michael Cafua

    In Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, I learned a lot about the human body and a new language. Learning medical terminology was a real good challenge for me; especially when I started 12 weeks ago when every word was new to me. I am proud of myself to have taken on this challenge and completed this course. Even though this course was a good challenge for me, but I really had fun and it was an excellent way to learn the medical terminology. Thank you!

  70. Michael Cafua

    In Interpersonal Communications, I was surprised to learn how to communicate with dying patients and family. Learning about different culture and how their belief was very interesting. It is essential for health care professionals to understand different cultural beliefs and values related to death in order to provide culturally sensitive care for the dying patients and their families. This enhances their sense of control over the unknown process of death.

  71. Susan Evans

    I love anatomy. I have enjoyed having Dr. Tom as our instructor. He know his anatomy and has made it a very fun class. It became even more fun when we got to the pharmacology section, as I am a certified pharmacy technician. Most of what was in the text book was what I had studied in pharmacy technician school, but it was great fun reviewing it all.

  72. Susan Evans

    What I was surprised ro learn in the Healthcare Communications class was the different types of communication that need to happen. I guess that I just thought that we all talked with the patients, but this really delves into the reasons and types of communication that we have available. I never thought, for instance, about patients who may be deaf or blind and the communication issues that would result.

  73. June Au-Yeung

    In the Medical Insurance and BIlling class, I have learned so much from Professor Masten, where do I begin. In brief, I have learned how it is very imporant to code accurately and process the patient records quickly so that the physicians and the medical facility may be paid on time. I also learned about all the different types of insurances that are offered to the consumers (Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, PPOs, TRICARE, etc,) I have a better understanding how both side as a patient and office staff would encounter in a Medical office, so that I may use that knowledge in my everyday life.

  74. June Au-Yeung

    In our Coding class, I have learned so much about how the CPT manual is broken down into all the different sections and subsection, how and when to use the modifiers with the code, trying to learn how to find the key words in the diagnoses and procedures, and learning the symbols next to the codes. The fun has been when I have successfully located the code for the diagnoses and procedures and it is correct. (Yeah!) I also have really enjoyed and learned a lot with the ClassLive sessions. It really helps when Instructor Johnson explains in detail the chapter. It sinks into my brain and the light bulb lights up. This is what I have learned so far in my MIBC08 Coding class.

  75. Terra Songy

    In Coding, I have learned how precise and intricate this profession is. One word can throw you off course!!! However, I have also learned that while it is difficult, it is also very rewarding. When you finally get somewhat of a grasp on the material, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

    My advice to people would be to not get discouraged! This course can be very trying at times, and it would be easy to just give up, but don’t!!! The pride in yourself that you will feel when you finally get it right is amazing!!!!

  76. I have been very impressed with the instructors and the course layouts at the Allen School. Coming for the financial business I was trying to figure out how to make a major career change. There is a great support staff and this is a super program. It is working for me.
    Thanks to all the instructors support.

  77. Elizabeth Painter

    In Anatomy & Physiology I learned that I forgot a tremendous amount since high school and college biology and chemistry. I especially liked the textbook we used, “The Language of Medicine.” The format of the textbook was extremely helpful, with information separated by body system and functions, then giving us diseases and treatments, and giving us tools at the end to test how much we learned. I liked the organization of the book, the way each body system and function was done separately, and eventually tied together in some way. I learned so much more about diseases and treatments than I ever thought I could. The combining forms, prefixes and suffixes will be a great help to us in coding. I will keep this textbook long after I graduate as a reference.

  78. Helena Henry

    Interpersonal Communication in Healthcare was very valuable in helping me recognize how important it is to be able to communicate with the patient in a productive and supportive way. It also brought to my attention the critical importance of learning about and being respectful of cultural differences and how to communicate through them in order to provide the best care for the patient. The part I liked best was examining my own code of ethics. Although I had thought about this a great deal before deciding to switch to the healthcare field, this course gave me the opportunity to formalize them and put them down in writing.

  79. April Zehler

    I have always had an afinity for biology and the human body processes. The part I have enjoyed the most so far on this journey through medical coding has been the human anatomy courses and being able to break apart and determine the true meaning behind all of that medical lingo and terminology. For me, that is similiar to a game format and I enjoy creating new words from the puzzle pieces and actually knowing what they mean!

  80. Sono Zhang

    In medical billing and insurance, I learned (from Professor Gulliford’s post) about the extraordinary imbalance in health care capacity to serve the impending arrival of those over 65. Whilst I was generally aware of this demographic trend, I was not aware of the convergence of forces driving it, nor its true magnitude. As suggested by Professor Gulliford, this trend will significantly alter the make-up of the healthcare population in ways not yet fully understood, with undeniable increased demand for qualified health care professionals, including billers and coders.

  81. Stacy Williams

    In Anatomy & Physiology I realized I don’t know all that I thought I knew. Their are so many parts of the body that you don’t realize affect other parts of the body. I also realized how much you forget once out of high school. I really enjoyed this class and it is so exciting to go over all the things you learned in high school because you are learning it all over again. This class makes you more aware of your body and what you are putting in it. Thank you so much!

  82. Stacy Williams

    In the Interpersonal Communications class, I learned so much about people in general and how communication is key in every situation. I think this class will make people be more aware of what type of non-verbal and verbal communication they are emitting. I know it has made me think. When I am at work I think about whether I am smiling or do I look like I’m in a bad mood just because I don’t feel good. You begin to be aware of how you are communicating with others and in this society, I believe that is a key factor in keeping the peace. Thank you so much for such a wonderful class.

  83. Linda Palumbo

    Interpersonal communication has taught me a lot about cultrual diversity. As a professionals working in health care it is important to honor and respect cultural beliefs of others. This allows us the opportunity to understand the rituals of other cultures. Another topic that taught me a lot was communication in the workplace by using acronyms. When communicating with a coworker it is important to address them in a non-accusatory manner. The PEER acronym is a great model to follow. Present the problem and stay focused on your needs, explain how it makes you feel, explain how the problem effects you, and resolve the problem that offers a solution that will benefit everyone. In the discussion threads we were encouraged to use a lot of critical thinking and share our views with Holly and the class. I have learned many skills that will benefit me in my career.

  84. Linda Palumbo

    The Anatomy and Physiology course has been a great review for me. I have had this class many years ago in college. I must say that the information has been presented in a very easy way to understand. The textbook is very helpful and the CD is a wonderful way to review each chapter. The first chapter was great in teaching us the meaning of words by understanding the meaning of the combining forms, suffixes, and prefixes. This will be very helpful when we start coding. We also covered a lot of abbreviations that will be important to us when we start working. This class has given me a basic knowledge of each system, treatments and procedures, pharmacology, and psychiatry that will benefit me in my career.

  85. April Zehler

    I love the interaction with other students that the Allen School offers through their unique ClassLive program.. Even though this is an online experience and the feeling is a little more isolated, at first, than in a traditional classroom, the ClassLive allows us to hear the voices of our classmates, put a face to the personality we see in the discussions and interact with the instructor. It is a great way to ask questions and hear more clarifications of any material we might be having trouble with that week-other than just reading it in the textbook!

    I just wanted to share my experience so far, this is much more rewarding than another school’s online master’s program that I completed several years ago. I much prefer the human aspect of the Allen School’s programs!

  86. Tamara Tipton

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I learned a lot of things I never thought I’d of needed to know to tell you the truth I didn’t think it would as hard as it is when having to submit claims for the insurance companies the CM-1500 are a little difficult. You have so many different insurance companies and you can have self, group, Medicare, Medicaid etc. I also did not know you could have two different insurance companies a primary and a secondary but, I think that would make a lot of sense to a lot of people for them to have two.

  87. LaQuanna Gregory

    I have to say one thing, when I first started taking this course I kept thinking to myself, “I am not going to be able to do this!” But after talking to Margie and Joe, I had a new shed of light in my corner! I have been through alot this year alone. I have had major surgery (twice) I have gotten sick, and I have had sick loved ones. So I did not think that things were looking up for me. So I took a deep breathe and said to myself, YOU CAN DO IT!!!! And from that point on I keep going. Im not going to lie, sometimes my work is late but I do it! I wont let anything stop me. I am thinking of actually going back to school to become a nurse now! So I am off and running and I will never look back!

  88. Ed Honiker

    The Language of Medicine course has been fast paced, but thorough, and my knowledge of the body and the accompanying terminology has increased dramatically. Our instructor has been particularly adept at providing us with stimulating and informative discussion topics, and we have all learned from the discussion format.

  89. Lilia Cadotte

    I love blogging! I love that I am back in school. I have had such a wonderful experience and I am enjoying it very much. I didn’t think that I would have this opportunity to go back for reeducation, but here I am. I find it very interesting that part of my family is in the medical field and the other half are teachers. For 8 years of my life, I studied and worked in the educational field. I always wanted to go back to school, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue. After a few years of life passing on and having an open heart, I realized that I loved what I did, but it wasn’t in my heart to teach anymore. I wanted to do something new. From that moment, I understood how I would experience being a life-long learner. It’s amazing how my life experiences define me as a person and everything around me leads me to where I am today.

  90. Kimberlee

    In Medical Insurance and Billing , I have learned that I need to learn more. I have gotten quite confused in the past couple of weeks, and I am questioning myself continuously. I am hoping I can make “heads or tails” of the coding process soon and that some of those hairs that I pulled out will be growing back soon. I have learned so much concerning Medicare and Medicaid and how they play such a big role in the medical industry, this has enlightened me tremendously. I am hoping to learn much more and hope that all the pieces will fit like a perfect puzzle.

  91. Tremone Smith

    In Anatomy, Physiology, and Terminology 2 (MIBC05), I learned about what the roots, prefixes, and suffixes of diagnoses are. It made me think about my own personal diagnoses, and how I can now understand them. I watch medical shows on TV and now, after this course, I can actually understand what they’re saying! I remember the first episode of House that I watched after beginning this course, and I understood all of the diagnoses and symptoms they were tossing around. It made me want to learn more, and I have started looking through my mother’s medical books as well as our textbook. My mom is a R.N. and this week we’re studying pharmacology. She has a book with all of the medications on the market, their side effects, dosages, etc. It has been very helpful to me this week.

  92. Tremone Smith

    In my Career Skills 2: Interpersonal Communication in Health Care class (MIBC06), it was interesting to learn about the different ways that different cultures experience and deal with grief, mourning, and the death of a loved one. I researched a few for myself, but reading about the cultures that my classmates posted has really opened my eyes to what will be expected of me in the health care field. I have dealt with sad situations in my previous careers, but never like this. When we are working with people from cultures we haven’t personally come into contact with, we have to be sure not to offend. I always think the best way to avoid that is to ask what’s appropriate for them. It shows that you are thinking about their feelings at such a difficult time. These are the things that you really don’t think about until it’s brought to your attention. I feel as if I have a better handle on how to communicate both with my colleagues and the patient’s and their families.

  93. Paulette Allwood

    I have learnt that the only person who can stop me from achieving what I set out to do is me. I have come to realise that age can not stop.
    This course has opened my eyes to so much possibilities as to where I can go in this profession. I am already considering going for a degree in this fiele. I want to be the best I can be and achieve the highest.
    When I started this course I was a novice in navigating my way around the computer , now I don’t have to calll my sons everytime I have to do something. I am not there yet but believe me I have come a long way.
    The most eyeopening module for me so far has been English. All the other modules are fairly new to me so I expected diffuculty, but I thought I knew English only to find out how much I was lacking in actually writing proper English.
    This course has been great for me thus far and I am quite empowered to go as far as I can in this field.

  94. I am discovering that I am able to apply my 19 years of healthcare experience in a unique way to every course that I take at Allen School. It may sound weird, but I recently had an experience with a psychic who said to me, you should pursue being an investigator, or detective. When I read this blog, it jarred my memory. I loved Nancy Drew as a child, and I particularly love hearing about family medical symptoms and trying to figure out a diagnosis. Of course, I would not be making a diagnosis as a coder, but understanding medical terminology, how to read a medical chart, and treatment option does add so much value. I beleive it increases efficiencies at work that other folks with no medical background would have.
    Also, I saw some other items in the blog topics that I would like to read later when I have more time.
    I think the thing I am proudest of is that I have started a new job and maintained a grade point average that I can live with. I have more confidence than I have had in a while. It’s been a great experience for me.

    Jan Plummer

  95. Leslie Drabnis

    In the course work thus far in Medical Insurance and Billing, I have learned much. I began not knowing anything. I am beginning to catch on and I am enjoying the challenge. I’ve learned that there are many types of insurance that patients can use to cover their medical expenses. I learned that doctors can choose to be, or not to be, participants with the different types of insurance. I learned that not all providers are on board with the electronic billing. Electronic billing is really the best advantage, if the initial cost can be covered for the initial set up for the office, group, or facility. I learned that the necessity for electronic billing and coding is paramount to a patient’s health care and privacy of health records. And mostly, I’ve learned how incredibly important it is to be accurate, thorough, and complete, when coding and billing. It is important both to the provider for reimbursement and to the patient for accurate billing for services. The medical billing and coding professional has a lot of responsibility.


  96. Jessica Hanson

    In Medical Insurance and Billing I learned about the different aspects of Medicare, Medicaid and group insurances and how they are handled when it comes to actual billing. We learned about using the different diagnosis and procedure coding books and applying them along with patient health information (PHI) in order to complete the CMS 1500 claims form. It was very exciting getting into the actual billing part of this course.

  97. Marie Inocencio

    In coding class, we are learning the structure of the CPT manual and developing our skills for coding. Sure, all these class are for our coding careers, but in this class, we are breaking down the CPT so we can gain a thorough understanding of the book and errors that can easily be made when coding from it. At first glance, the CPT book may seem overwhelming, but this course brings a lot of clarity for me.

  98. Marie Inocencio

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I have achieved a better understanding of the basics of health insurance in the health facility environment such as filing claims and appeals and collecting reimbursements. I have learned of the importance of the medical coders role in these and many more processes. I have learned about the laws and regulations that govern this career and the different insurance and practices that it deals with. One thing that always gives me comfort when I may be feeling intimidated is to remember that I can only learn so much from these classes; some things require experience. (Soon to come)

  99. Madeline Manor

    The Language of Medicine course has been very interesting. The prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms have been very challenging. I glad we had the course for 12 weeks, it has been my favorite class so far. Our instructor has been very helpful and always very well informed.I feel I have really learned alot in this course, I will truly miss it

  100. Paula Bristol

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I have learned many aspects of the insurance and billing process. I am amazed at all the information that is involved. The billing process is much more than filling out a claims form. You must understand and adhere to the HIPAA regulations and standards that apply to the profession. In addition, medical terminology and abbreviation knowledge is required to interpret a patients medical record. This is so you can accurately code the diagnosis and procedures. My experience with Allen School thus far has been very exciting. I look forward to applying my training and knowledge in the Medical Billing and Coding profession.

  101. Madeline Manor

    In Interpersonal Communications, it is wonderful to learn about all the different cultures. I have often wondered how different ethnic groups handled, death or dealing with doctors, hospitals,or life itself. All of these questions have been answered in this course. The instructor for this course has also been very helpful in helping us seek the correct answers, and in helping us develope a more open mind to people that are different than we are.

  102. Sonia Morales

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I have learned so much so far. So many things go into filing a claim, things I had no idea about. We have learned about different insurances, diagnostic codes, procedure codes, identification numbers, regulations and much more. It feels overwhelming at first but with focus and determination it starts to make sense and gets easier. Plus our instructors have made this process easier their always there to answer our questions. I’m very excited to continue to learn and to finally start my career as a medical insurance biller and coder.

  103. Paula Bristol

    In Medical Insurance and Billing, I have learned many aspects of the insurance and billing process. I am amazed at all the information involved. The billing process is much more than filling out a claims form. You must understand and adhere to the HIPAA regulations and standards that apply. In addition, medical terminology and abbreviation knowledge is required to interpret a patients medical record. This is to accurately code the diagnosis and procedures.My experience with Allen School has been very exciting. I look forward to applying my training to the Medical Billing and Coding profession.

  104. Natasha Sigleton

    What I discover in my language medicine class is a better understanding on how the human body works I discover if I study hard enough by learning the body I can probably make my own prognosis it i was to get sick today or tomorrow.

  105. Ginnie Loyet

    The Language of Medicine course was very interesting. I really liked studying Cancer Medicine (Oncology) I just wish I could have studied it before my Mother passed away from Breast Cancer. I would have understood what was going on a lot better.

  106. Ginnie Loyet

    Career Skills 2: Interpersonal Communication in Health Care was very interesting as well. I really learned a lot about communicating with others.

  107. Natasha Sigleton

    What I discover in my coding class is the proper way to fill out cms 1500 form and the different system i health information management coding

  108. Cheryl Jackson

    I think this career field is such an educational and challenging field to study. I love the fact that it has so much relation to my computer knowledge, but goes a step further to engulf in the realm of medicine, coding, and business relations. I took accounting classes and computer classes, so now I have found a field that lets me fuse them all together as well as help others by sending and formatting the insurance codes. I have just completed my second period and I am excited in the classes I have still to come.

    One of the classes I have just completed gave me a challenge I was not able to complete as well as I should have, but that sort of thing makes me try harder to conquer the obstacle and excel to higher goals.

    Again, I look forward to the material the classes will cover in the upcoming terms, and I am excited I chose medical coding and billing as my career field.