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The Allen School of Health Sciences has a history of success, with over 50 years of experience and thousands of graduates who have successfully found work in medical billing and coding. And best of all, The Allen School Online lets you get your medical billing coding certificate in as little as 9 months. When you enroll in The Allen School Of Health Sciences, you can be working as a medical billing or medical coding specialist in less than a year.

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Whether you’re working a part-time job, have a family or are just starting out, our on-campus and online programs are flexible enough to fit almost any lifestyle. Upon graduation, our Career Services team is ready to help you find that first job or internship, just as they’ve already helped thousands of other students.

The Allen School Of Health Sciences offers a Fast Track to Success program that lets you complete your education in as little as nine months. You’ll get comprehensive training in medical billing and coding, learning how to file claims manually as well as with medical industry-standard billing and coding computer applications like the Clinical Modification System (ICD9-CM), the Current Procedural Terminology, Fourth Ed. (CPT4), and Health Care Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). You’ll take online courses in medical terms for human anatomy and common diseases, so you’ll be able to use diagnostic and procedural terminology to process and code bills and claims. And you’ll learn basic employability skills such as written and interpersonal communication skills and organization techniques. At the end of your studies, you’ll be fully prepared to take and pass your billing and coding certification exam and begin your new career.

Why online schools offer a better medical billing and coding education.

While you could take medical billing and coding courses in a traditional classroom setting, online schools offer more quality, convenience and affordability.

  • Quality. In traditional classrooms, teachers lecture and may occasionally use visual aids. In online schools, coursework can include interactive audio, video, games, animation and other elements that make learning about billing and coding more fun and interesting. Additionally, the content in online schools can be updated constantly, whereas the textbooks in traditional classes are often several years out-of-date, so the information is not as current.
  • Convenience. In online schools, you can choose from flexible schedule options to fit your schedule.
  • Affordability. Tuition for online schools is often less costly than at traditional schools, allowing you to complete your education more affordably.

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