Pets In Healthcare

February is National Love Your Pet month and today we look at the growing trend of using pet therapy in healthcare settings. From pediatric hospitals to elderly care facilities cats, dogs, and other animals are helping patients right alongside doctors and nurses. So what are some of the benefits of having a furry caregiver? Let’s take a look at the benefits the Phoenix Children’s Hospital right here in Phoenix reports from their Paws Can Heal Program.
  1. Get up, move, walk, leave their room and play.
  2. Participate in therapy (physical, occupational and speech.)
  3. Forget their discomfort or pain.
  4. Interact more with others.
  5. Improve their mood.
  6. Improve their interactions with family and staff.
  7. Do things that may be a struggle, such as eating, taking medication or waiting.
To learn more about this great program please click here. And if you think your pup may be a perfect fit to help out at PCH please contact Mary Lou Jennings at 602-933-2136.

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