Social Media: Mindful Posting

Social Media is not viewed only by your friends and family, but also potential employers. Be aware of what you are posting to social media outlets. Both pictures and comments could be potentially viewed by recruiters. There are a few ways to keep a positive presence on social media while still remaining true to your individualism.
  • Comments – When leaving comments on social media outlets use discretion. Think before writing and remember that it can be viewed by anyone.
  • Photos – Some photos need to stay in your private cell phone. Do not post questionable photos! If friends or family members post photos of you that are inappropriate then ask them to remove it or un-tag yourself.
  • Profile Picture – Appropriate image that you would not mind your boss viewing.
  • Social Media Presence – Having a limited presence or no social media presence at all can be a red flag for recruiters.
  • Social Media Friends – Be selective of who you follow and who you accept as followers on social media – quality trumps quantity.
Anything that you post on the web is out there and can be recovered even after deleted. Remember, always be mindful of everything you do on the web. Recruiters view potential candidate’s social media as a process of elimination. Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant students view and edit your personal social media profiles to ensure that they are appropriate and professional.  

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