Start a Healthy Holiday Tradition

Holiday Healthy Tradition
As the Holiday season approaches people tend to give into the temptation to let their health fall to the wayside while they enjoy large family meals and hiding inside from the colder winter weather that’s quickly headed our way. This year take the time to create some healthy holiday traditions that are fun and will help you stay healthy and feeling great into the New Year.  
  1. Get Outside – From a simple walk to strapping on skates or sliding down a snow covered hill this is great time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and get some exercise.
  1. Bake Healthy Treats – No need to skip the cookie baking, just substitute healthier ingredients into your baking. You can substitute things like butter, cream, and flour for far healthier alternatives and still have great tasting treats for the whole family.
  1. Mix Story Time in with the Christmas TV Specials – We all love watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas and other holiday classics, but remember that many of these TV specials were originally storybooks. Take time to turn off the TV and read some of these holiday classics to your children and families.
  1. Get Moving After Those Big Meals – The holidays are a great time to feast with the family, but start a new tradition this year and go for a family stroll afterwards. Who knows, you may even get to see some great decorations as you enjoy family time together.
  1. Give A Little – The Holiday season is a great time to help those in need. Donate some of your time to a local charity. Not only will you help those who need it, but you will feel great about yourself and the difference you made in someone’s life.
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