Students of the Module

Allen School of Health Sciences celebrates student success across all campuses. One of the ways our instructors honor students is through Student of the Module. Each module instructors select a stellar student that demonstrates our EDUCATE values. Join us in congratulating our Brooklyn, New York; Jamaica, Queens and Phoenix, Arizona Student of the Module winners! Please, take a moment to read what our instructors shared about these impressive students


Jamaica Student of the Module

Tanjima Tamanna

  Tanjima is our student of the 5/30/2017 module.  She has shown herself to be professional at all times and displays the characteristics of a professional medical assistant–always on time, participates in class discussions, is helpful to other students, and is knowledgeable with her studies.


Brooklyn Student of the Module

Junie Roache

There are people who make excuses for not becoming successful, and there are those who are determined to be successful, without excuses. Junie is a perfect example of the latter. First, she survived cancer, now she is surviving textbooks, exams, homework, and lectures. A model student, Junie works hard, paying attention to the smallest details. She strives for excellence in each of her courses, earning a cumulative 4.0 GPA. She serves as living proof to her classmates, that nothing can stop you from reaching your goals


Arizona Student of the Module

Andres Gregorio

Andres has just completed his third module at The Allen School of Health Sciences and has in that timeframe accomplished 100% attendance and academic excellence. He always sets the standard high for each and every assignment, task and scenario.  He is not only goal-oriented for himself but encourages classmates to reach their full potential. He always has a caring smile for staff and students alike. We are honored to have Andres as a student in the Medical Assisting Program. He possesses leadership skills that are displayed in the classroom each day. The academic team see in him the EDUCATE values of The Allen School of Health Sciences.

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